Muso QB internet radio issue

My QB (1) has been doing sterling service for months and suddenly the internet radio keeps stopping. The buffer empties and the radio stops for a few seconds before starting again for a few seconds.
Network health is ‘very good’ according to the app (which doesn’t seem to mean much) and my ND555 on the same network is streaming radio fine. The QB accesses and plays UPnP content perfectly over the network. The QB is wired so it can’t be a WiFi issue? Interestingly, Spotify Connect also has the same intermittent issue, not sure if that helps any bright spark help me troubleshoot and fix? I am not sure how Spotify Connect works.
Any ideas gratefully received

I’m tried a factory reset to see if that fixed things but to no avail.

I contacted support, so if they come up with a fix I’ll post it here. I know these type of problems miraculously fix themselves sometimes, but this has been over 24 hours now, so I suspect something more than the usual mysterious computer gremlins that just require a switch off to fix.

Ours has started doing exactly the same today. Power off for 10 mins and a restart seems to have sorted it although I am not yet convinced. The NDX2 has been on internet radio most of the day and no drops.

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Gosh! Sorry to hear that, although I suppose it points to some external source of our problem. I tried the power off as well, it was off all day, unplugged and even a reset, but no joy. I’ve asked support for help, so if they come back with any fix, I’ll certainly post here.
Thanks for letting me know, hope yours stays fixed!

Were you listening to BBC? I wondered if there was something funny with their feed today which the modern streamers could cope with but the old ones couldn’t.

I mainly listen to BBC and had the same thought, but tried a few other random stations like Classic FM but had the same issue, but I guess it could be a vTuner issue? I’m glad yours is working, but your circumstances give me hope it’s a external issue rather than something terminal with my Qb.

One workaround is to stream the ND555’s internet radio to the Qb via multi room. That works perfectly, even on FLAC radio. So that will do for now.
Wish I understood more about how all these things worked, as it might help me troubleshoot my QB’s own internet radio problem.
Anyway, I’ll shut up now and wait to hear from support.

Have you had any luck getting it sorted? FWIW, and probably not what you want to hear, but mine has been fine since the power cycle.

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Hi @PW42 thanks for asking.
No unfortunately no better and no response from support yet. I’m using my ND555 to stream radio via multiroom to the Qb and it’s working perfectly. I am not sure how all these different features access WiFi and network, but everything seems to indicate there’s nothing wrong with the network and connections, so it’s either a suddenly developed fault with the Qb or some strange vTuner issue. But I don’t know.
I will report back.

Could be an internet radio issue (my Qb1 has been playing BBC stations fine today). Copying in @Stevesky for any extra insight

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Thanks Clare. That’s what I was hoping honestly, but seems not to be affecting too many others.

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As we’ve seen in other cases, it can be a localised issue

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Ok, thanks again. Let’s see what light @Stevesky might shed

I wrote to support last Monday and still haven’t had a response on my radio issue which still persists. I wonder if anyone knows whether emails to Mu-so support normally generate an automated response, because I didn’t even get one of those?

You should get an auto response. Which email address did you use? I seem to recall that the dedicated mu-so address was replaced by the general one but there was an issue with the forwarding from emails that are sent to the muso address.

Ah, there it is, see the posts before and after this one:

@Naim.Marketing was this not supposed to get fixed?

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Ah thanks @Suedkiez. I’ll send again.

:+1: You should get an autoreply with the ticket number right away if you use, but it may still take them a bit to get back to you. Much of the support was on holidays and home office, I think, and are now working through the backlog. Good luck!

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I now have a ticket number, so that already feels better! Thanks again @Suedkiez. Mu-so support email doesn’t seem to be working as you said, so the main support email was the one.

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I hope they get around to fixing this irritating issue, as you’ve seen I paged Clare above as a gentle reminder :slight_smile:

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