Muso Qb’s days numbered - alternatives?


After having returned to defaults for Wi-Fi I have had no issues with discovery or streaming. :blush:


I get dropouts once in a while on my Star and it’s hard wired to my wifi. I remember one day it was in spasms I just went to my CDs. I figured it was satellite technical issues. I have the Qb in my bedroom it is robust and a friend wants one. he has all his CDs on his computer and downsized to a 1 BR apartment


I’m convinced that many of these problems come about through individuals thinking that they know best & “tweaking” settings here and there.
Really, the best thing is leave them as they are - DHCP etc.
My Qb & Muso work wonderfully on a BT HH6 with it’s default settings.



Had the Mu so and Mu so Qb for over a week now and I am impressed. Streams seamlessly from the Uniti Atom over the 5 GHz network with no dropouts or connectivity issues so far.

Was initially thinking I would need to go through the wired option but can’t see any problems using the WiFi network.