Muso Qb’s days numbered - alternatives?

Muso Qb heading toward being sold on - I can’t bear the constant inability to find it on the network, and dropouts. No point keeping a good-looking cube with limited ability to actually play anything through it. Shame, but need to be realistic about the Muso’s network flakiness.

What are people’s suggestions for a alternative robust streaming speaker system? Maybe I should just get a decent-ish bluetooth speaker and play from my phone (which has no difficulty connecting to the network)?

@Wenger2015 - I recall your frustration on the old forum thread - did you find an alternative hatdware solution?

Tricky to suggest, for me it’s the best and most versatile network speaker I have… never had a single issue on it on my home Wifi network, I feel anything else risks being a step back… I wonder if something is not quite optimal with your home data network.
If your home network is not really upto it, you can always use Bluetooth with your Qb… even Amazon Alexa can control and play out through your Qb using Bluetooth…
The Qb is remarkably robust… so if you have issues, it really points to something being faulty with your home network setup I am afraid… as network devices do need a correctly functioning network. Trying to picture where any possible issue is with your home setup.

You say you have ‘discovery’ issues. Can you expand. Does Airplay and Bluetooth have trouble finding Qb? Is it the Naim app on your iOS. Are you using Android?


Thanks Simon, as ever.

I suspect not everyone would agree with your description ‘remarkably robust’! Numerous descriptions on the old forum - as you know - of the Muso’s discoverability coming and going.
I agree that the network where my Muso is out on loan may well have issues, but not such that iphones and laptops can’t universally connect instantly.

Still interested in alternatives please.

Hi Peakski,

Unfortunately my Qb is still sat on the window ledge…:joy:

After trying every conceivable thing to sort it out, it is dropping out all the time.
All other network devices in the house work fine so it’s a real head scratcher.

What I did appreciate was the efforts of fellow forum members to come up with suggestions to sort it out…

For the time being my Qb is gathering dust until I find the time and inclination to try again

Thanks @Wenger2015 - I hear you - let us know if your patience bears fruit!

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I sympathise with those of you who haven’t been able to get the Muso Qb running satisfactorily, but my own experience matches that of Simon’s in that apart from Internet Radio in general being out of commission for short periods of time I have had no issues whatsoever with my own Muso Qb which is connected to my network over Wi-Fi - and there is certainly nothing special about my home network.

It has been rock solid with Internet Radio and with UPnP over my local network with file formats up to 24bit 96KHz. I upgraded my Internet bandwidth (from around 3.6 Mbps to 26 Mbps) and also gained a much better router (and Wi-Fi performance) when I moved to SkyQ, but my Muso Qb had been absolutely flawless (via Wi-Fi) before this.

Not in itself of much help to those who are having issues, but surely it must be the case that there is a network issue somewhere or else perhaps there is a fault in your specific Muso Qbs. I wonder what sort of percentage of Muso Qbs are having similar problems?

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I bought the QB, set it up and have enjoyed it every since. IT, networks and all this modern stuff can confuse people I observe. Shame really

The KEF LS50 Wireless speakers, or the LSX Wireless.


Thanks Jan-Erik, much appreciated.

I’m surprised, as the Muso Qb I bought my mother works flawlessly, and the Muso I have in my workshop works equally reliably and well. Wonderful units. Perhaps it’s something else? Firewalls, windows pcs, and routers can wreak selective havoc on certain devices…

I also bought a Dali Katch for my wife, who needed something more portable to bring to the dance dance studio for her classes. Also works very well, surprisingly so given its small size.

My Qb also working fine. Using the standard Comcast router. Took some getting used to how to use it and its app. Now both my wife and I can use it. Have it in the Living Room. Bought a second unit for my shop in the basement.


But that is nothing to do with the Qb…

Do you have networking printing via wifi as well at home? Do you notice your printer occasionally disappears when trying to wirelessly print?

[quote=“perizoqui, post:10, topic:524, full:true”]
I also bought a Dali Katch for my wife…[/quote]

Thanks for the suggestion - much appreciated.

Flawless Qb operation here too. In fact streaming in general works just fine.

I had issues setting up my Mu-so initially and rang the help line, but that didn’t really help. In the end I reset my whole network and since then, nearly 4 years, not a problem.

I found SimonInSuffolk really helped.

My current system has the Mu-so in the kitchen connected by wifi to a BTHH5 which gets music from my NAS in the living room upstairs via an airport express. So not hard wired.

Things I have done have included making sure my Mu-so has a dedicated IP address on the HH5, cutting down on needless wifi extenders etc. The fewer the better seems to work best for me. I also use iphone, iPad, android to connect and qute control on my Mac. The only issue used to be…still maybe but not noticed, only one device can connect at a time.

I think I would start by disconnecting everything, reset the Mu-so and start adding things to the network one by one with the Mu-so first.


Bought my 13 year old a QB. We all love it and wouldn’t minds another in our bedroom. Robust is absolutely the word I would use. Had some Tidal issues early on but those have long since been sorted. The OP sounds like their issue is network rather than device based.

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Having same problem using TalkTalk and hg633 router. Changing Brodband to sky soon to see if that will improve it

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I have used Sky for broadband for very many years and have found the reliability of their service to be excellent, as have their support service personnel on the very few occasions I have needed to contact them.

Hi, I’ve had same problems with Nova and Muso. Been on to support and suggested using 2.4ghz rather than 5ghz wireless from my router both devices have wired network connections but now split the 2.4 & 5ghz connections on my bt router and connected my android phone to the 2.4ghz connection. Both my nova and muso have worked for the last three hours with no dropouts and the app works flawlessly with the back button working correctly. Hopefully this continues tomorrow. It appears if your phone frequency hops the WiFi connection the app drops out. So app not very robust but work around looks good

Hi all,

My 2 cent on this problem has I had exactly the same issues and was hopefully able to fix them.
I could finally find a router set-up that strongly improves stability (working seamlessly so far since a couple of weeks):

  • Unhide my SSID (no other choice as hidden SSID are not supported by Qb)
  • Seperating 5GHz and 2.4Ghz networks and make sure Qb and the device controlling the Qb are attached to the 2.4Ghz network (Qb doesn’t support 5GHz Wifi). This is the same trick as already reported by “Pete 19” in this thread
  • Configure my router to always give the same IP to the Muso QB. This same trick as already reported by “porkyg” in this thread
  • Disabling dynamic channel allocation on my router

Of course it is good news since now it is working like a charm but honnestly I had to tailor my full network environement to the Qb. Furthermore such configuration affects both security and performances of my Wifi set-up.

Some can argue those are “Wifi Network” issues but it is certainly a biased point of view.
I have more than 20 Wifi devices on my network, some are more than 6 years old and so far I never had to tune my Wifi router settings to get them working seamlessly.

From my point of view the Wifi stack of the Qb is really not up to the standard you can expect on such a high end product (both quality and feature wise). Most of 5~6 years old cheap Android mobile phones work better and support more Wifi features.
It is a possibility that some of those problems/limitations come from the Naim App but in any case those are Naim problems/limitations.
Not sure why Naim doesn’t include those advices/tricks in their FAQ or Troubleshooting page, they obviously know about all this.

This being said, I really enjoy my Muso now and hope those trick will help you to enjoy yours as well