Must Qb Firmware Update on Tidal


The update will become available for all users via a notification in the Naim app.

I’ve just downloaded it. It’s a real improvement!

So I upgraded the software (or is that firmware?) for my Muso Qb and no it’s not an improvement! I have not used Tidal on the Qb yet (as the sound quality on the Qb is so poor). So tonight I tried playing an album from Tidal on it and after a few tracks it stopped playing, so started it again and after a few tracks it stopped playing. So what improvement? I don’t think Naim are that good at this new techy stuff!!

Funny because I’ve had my Qb for a year now and although I’ve had the odd drop out on BBC R4 not once have I had a dropout on Tidal.

Do you hardwire or WiFi?



I use wi fi on theQb but hardwire my star. Now Tidal on my Star is constantly dropping out! Coincidence? A bit off topic but theQb constantly drops out when streaming from the Star to it.

Is the Star hard-wired?

Ignore that I didn’t read your post properly. Apologies.

The Qb sound quality is really good for the money, not sure why you find it poor. I’ve never had any issues with streaming either.
Most streaming issues are the user’s own network not working properly.

Never had an issue with my Qb, not one glitch, and we use Tidal and Airplay a lot with it. Albeit I have only owned my Qb since December. Sounds wonderful, it’s a cracking wireless speaker and sounds superb when entertaining

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I have had constant issues with the Qb dropping out when streaming from the Star. Had it since last November. But to start using Tidal on it after the update and instantly having problems with it and then tidal on the Star starting to play up as well is not impressive!

So you have two devices with issues but it’s not your network?
What is your network spec?

Apparently I do this all wrong as I hardwire across my mains with Netgear adapters but seems to work.



I have no idea what the spec of my internet is! My provider is Vodafone. Supposedly fast cable internet. I think it’s on the 5k setting. I like my kit to just work properly, especially at Naim prices! No issue with the sound quality of the Star btw!

When I said spec I meant how you have it configured. I’m trying to avoid tech terminology here…

If I asked you the spec of your car would you answer with Peugeot, Nissan etc?

I don’t know. I have already said I don’t know what the ‘spec’ is. Having said that I did look at the settings and from what I can remember they were what is recommended by Vodafone.

Yes but how are your Star and Qb actually wired?

I am using BT super fast broadband and UniFi wireless access points with 2x2 MIMO that are in turn Ethernet connected.

My Qb WiFi signal parameters are 89% (-54dBm) with a radio link speed for Tx and Rx of 54 Mbps

I think 2x2 MIMO as a minimum is important for good continuous stream performance when there are other users on the wlan. I very busy wlan would benefit with 3x3 MIMO or higher.
I use 2x2 with overlapping access point load balancing and that works well for me; no Qb drop outs with other WiFi users active on wlan

The Star is wired direct to the router, the Qb is wireless. The Qb still won’t play anything in Tidal!. I don’t understand a word of Simons last post!!

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You need to help the people trying to help you.
Network topology please? Description or a simple diagram.
What colour is the WiFi LED on the back of the Qb.