Mute on NDX2 Remote Doesn't work

I have an NDX2. I am now trying to increase the number of sources that play via this outstanding unit. In doing so, I am hoping to unify control of the various sources to a single remote or app. After plugging in some additional inputs, I now realize that the mute button on my remote doesn’t mute any of the selected inputs. I would note that other functions (e.g. change input, home page, etc. DO work.

In addressing this issue, I searched the NDX2 support pages which describe using the settings button on the app to access “volume mode”. I hoped changing the mode (e.g. to “variable”) might resolve the problem with the mute button. However, when I open the settings on my particular versions of the app (iOS 5.24, Android 2.24), I do not see “volume mode”.

Can someone help me access “volume mode” via the app? If this is not available any longer, might someone have any other solutions that would make the mute button work?


If you connect the NDX2 to a Naim amplifier using system automation, the mute button will mute the amplifier. As you don’t have a Naim amp I suspect you’ll need to use the amp remote. Try to use the fixed output as it sounds better.

Which Naim amplifiers support system automation? The all-in-ones?

Apart from the NAIT 5si, all the present range of pre-amps and integrated amps can support system automation.

So I can control my 252 from the server (volume, input, etc)? How does that work as there is no network connection to the 252?

You need a Naim network player with a remote output. This connects to the remote input on the 252. You can then control the 252 via the Naim app.

It looks like you have an HDX which doesn’t support this functionality.

You connect a Naim streamer with an analog cable to the 252. The streamer then sends the commands to the 252 over that cable. Search the forum for system automation, there are probably thousands of posts,

But as James said, not with the HDX

Unfortunately, I do not have a Naim amplifier. Our amplifier is an LFD, which doesn’t offer HDMI or digital input.

Yes. I answered @sktn77a’s question. Without a Naim amp, you cannot use this.

As an aside, the mute button on the NDX2 remote should work with devices that are connected to the NDX2, but it obviously won’t control the amp (with the exception of using Naim system automation, then it does)

So this would be the RC5 input socket on the 252? I’m considering replacing the HDX with an NDX but will lose the IR remote functions of the HDX remote to control the 252 (hence the question). Is the NDX remote IR or BT/WiFi? (The Naim intsructions are pretty bad - I could spend all afternoon hunting the information down, if its there, but just hoping someone can give a quick thumbs up/thumbs down).

Yes, RC5 on the 252 and, to make it not too easy, the IR Out socket on the NDX2. The NDX has “remote in” and “remote out 1” and “remote out 2”, I would guess you can use either output socket.


In the older threads about system automation there is much justified moaning that the respective manual has not been updated since the days of the NDX, and that the old version is still on the Naim website but can only be found through Google. In your case, the outdated version might be a plus point because it describes the NDX. You can find it here:

The NDX page on the Naim website says that the NDX comes with “Uniti Remote Control”, but I don’t know what this was back then when the NDX was current. The new Uniti and streamer remotes use Zigbee, i.e. a radio protocol similar to bluetooth. I would think that it’s similar for the NDX because if it used IR there would be no need for the system automation and it could conceivably control the 252 via IR directly.

Thanks. Found this post from @Richard.Dane a couple of years ago suggesting that the NDX remote is IR/RC5, so it looks like either way should control the 252:

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The streamer remote doesn’t communicate with the preamp directly, it sends commands (volume control, input selection) to the streamer which forwards them to the preamp via cable. The 1st gen streamers have IR remotes, the 2nd gen use Zigbee, and either of them can use the Naim app via WiFi. Whichever of these three controls you use, they can all access the preamp using System Automation.

Right, I forgot about the app :joy:

I believe the IR streamer remotes do communicate directly to the preamps, according to the link above(?)

With the help of support from Naim, I HAVE solved the problem. I was correct in my assumption that changing the “volume mode” to “variable” would allow me to mute audio streaming via the NDX2 with the Naim remote. Unfortunately, I wasn’t seeing “volume mode” listed as an option in the app settings. As it turned out, I had not realized that system automation WAS enabled, despite not having a compatible amplifier. When I disabled system automation, “volume mode” appeared in the list of options under “Settings”. Once the volume mode was set to “variable” my remote DID control – AND MUTE – the volume of any input streamed via the NDX2.

Very good. Be aware, however, that the NDX2 volume control is not the intended method and it’s predominantly there to satisfy licensing agreements with Apple or similar. It’s implemented as a digital control in just 32 bits. Recommended is fixed volume. You’ll have to try for yourself if you hear a difference, some do and some don’t. Due to the nature of digital control in 32 bits, any negative effect is stronger the lower the volume is, because the lower-order bits get chopped off.

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