My 2021 in HiFi

So… despite the various challenges this year, I have managed to get quite a few things ‘done’.
Here’s a summary of my (main) changes… :slightly_smiling_face:

  • January - bought Kudos X3’s, pre-loved, from @Cymbiosis
  • April - had one HiCap serviced, by @Darran at Class A
  • July - bought a set of 523 boards, for my 82, on eBay UK
  • September - bought a Linn Lingo Mk1, pre-loved, from @Cymbiosis

Maybe you might add yours below…?


2021: Rega P10. Lyra Kleos. Innuos PhoenixNet. Audience 24 U SX speakers cables.
2022: Humming guru ultrasonic cleaner. Chord Sarum t Din/ RCA.


My HiFi 2021:

  • Replaced NAT05 tuner with the ND5XS2
  • Added EE8 switch + Farad Super3 LPSU + Audioquest cables
  • All my boxes serviced + DR upgrade Hi-Cap
  • CDX2 stayed in it’s box after service - switched 100% to streaming
  • NACA5 speaker cable, switch from Cardas (still not sure)
  • Upgraded to NDX2 from ND5XS2
  • 4 x Power-Line
  • Puritan PS108 power strip

Hmm… Might be a good idea to keep this post away from the Ms… :grimacing: :blush:


Added an XPS-DR to my NDX2.
Added a Hicap DR to my SN2.
Replaced my Yter RCA with a Tellurium Q Silver Diamond DIN.
I am very happy with all three upgrades!

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SuperCap DR and Burndy/HiLine for my SuperLine.

  • P10, Apheta-3, Rega Atlas scales, strobe kit, singles puck. Test record. DS-Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner. Click counter.
  • SuperLine from dealer demo
  • New speakers: Sehring Audio S913 Curved
  • HumminGuru ultrasonic record cleaner

Sold P8, Aria, CDS3/XPS, Monitor Audio Gold GX200, Gaia III, and ultrasonic bath cleaner.

Done now.


Ex demo 552 and 2TB SSD in July G3 Block in November.

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Lived with accidentally acquired Innuos Zenith 3 and Chord TT2 Hugo. Played an awful lot of music.

Sold XPS2 and CDX2.


2021 Upgrades:

  • March: Re-arranging furniture and moving listening sofa away from rear wall
  • March: Replaced Credo’s with SBL MkII
  • April: Sent away 52/52PS and 250 to Salisbury for service/re-cap
  • September: Adding two additional Mana Sound Stages taking the LP12 to Phase 11
  • November: Replacing the NAPSC driving my Headline with a re-capped Hi-Cap
  • December: Replacing old, grey Burndy/SNAIC with new black ones
  • December: Replacing old grey SNAIC from CDX to 250 with a new Hi-Line
  • December: Replacing old, soiled ear-cushions to my Grado 325e’s with brand new ones (not sure if this counts as an upgrade, but still…)

2022 Project:

  • Cable dressing behind rack

For me, it has been a busy year for HiFi comings and goings. It’s been an odd 18 months or so with the ups and downs of this blasted virus but one blessing (and we should try and count them) for me has been the rediscovery of my HiFi and more importantly how to listen to music can be a kind of escape and meditation. I often leave a listening session feeling uplifted and rested.

I have sold a few things to help fund some purchases such as Mission 774 Tonearm and some Olive Naim boxes of one flavour or another. I have invested in some updates for my 1985 vintage Michell Gyrodec such as a new DC motor a new Hana cartridge and of course some more Naim boxes e.g NAP200. It has pepped up my system and I am enjoying it very much but I hope I never lose sight of what it is all about the music!


Rega P3 / Stageline changed for Linn LP 12.
Added an Innuos Zen Mini Mk3.
Sold CDX2.
282, 250dr and Muso changed for Akurate DSM, A2200.
HiCap donated to mate.
Upgrade from Urika 1 to Urika 2
Just managed to squeeze in a par of T808’s before year end and will be finding a new home for my old X2’s shortly.
Time to make plans for 2022 now.


I plead the fifth!


Started the year with a CD555, followed by a second 555PS DR for the 555.
January 2022 - service and DR for my Supercaps.
After that - probably nothing else ! Apart from the Radikal-2 upgrade on the back burner.

Almost forgot - ‘Olive’ and CB second system based on CDS3 commissioned.

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Nothing until the Autumn. Then…

  • TV broke
  • New TV was digital out only…
  • So had to buy a used NDX
  • New Hydra followed
  • And lots of cable tidying

Ultimately I’m listening to lots more music thanks to the NDX and the CDS2 is sounding better than ever.

Downside is I’m now thinking about an XPS for the NDX.

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Started the year with a Nova and PMC 25.21’s. Finished the year with……Nova and PMC 25.21’s


NDX2 became NDX2 XPSDR
282 HC became 282 SCAPDR
282 became 252
XPSDR became 555PSDR
NDX2 became ND555
252 became 552
250DR is becoming 300DR



This is starting to sound more and more like an AA meeting


Cirkus → Karousel
Kore → Keel
Ittok → Ekos SE
Cyrus Phono Signature → Rega Aura


2022?..…Radikal might get some attention


April 2021 … Added Witch Hat Morgana RCA-DIN for DAC to NAC252
August 2021 … Added Witch Hat Morgana DIN-XLR’s for Nap 300DR
December 2021 … Sold: NAC 252

  • Spring 2021 : ND5XS
  • Summer 2021: NAIM FRAIM (3 Shelves), Upgraded Network Cables feeding ND5XS
  • Winter 2021: Ordered 4th FRAIM Shelf