My LP12/NAIT50 'second' system

I have had Peter Swain with me for the last few hours to set up my brand new LP12/ARO/Troika, NAIT50, and Falcon LS3/5A living room system. The plinth and the speaker cabinets are lovely soft cherry wood.

I’m playing the ‘Anniversary Edition’ LP of ‘Abbey Road’.

I can’t believe the prodigious bass output of these tiny bookshelf loudspeakers - it all sounds quite amazing!

Very happy bunny indeed!


A photo is needed :grinning:


Agreed :+1:

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Yes! Yes!
We must have a photo or 3, please, please, please!:crossed_fingers:t3:

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Excellent, I’m due another visit from Mr Swain :grinning:

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Fantastic, a sort of throw back to the 80s. Should sound brilliant.


Pretty sure I saw your deck in Cymbiosis when I was there last week. The Troika is such a pretty cart. I’m sure that system will sound great!

Now how about a pic or two!


That’s beautiful 2nd system @graham55. Many congratulations and I am sure it will bring you much enjoyment.

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I could not be more pleased!

(The white leads, from Chord, are to be replaced by bright red ones when Peter gets them in stock.)

Thank you, Peter, if you see this later.



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That looks great! And sounds like the long wait was well worth it! Interesting rack too, what is it if I may ask?

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It’s a strongly built (steel and oak) table, built for me - expressly for my ‘other’ LP12 - by a very clever man in London.

You can see from the grain in the wood that he has inverted each of the four pieces of wood, so that any warping or twisting of the pieces will - effectively - cancel each other out.

(If that makes sense?)


Not in the bedroom please :joy:

Riders on the storm :wink:

Very nice! Keeps my faith that the LP12 is worth it after all


At last. Glad to see you’re finally setup and enjoying some tunes after a visit from @Cymbiosis

Enjoy your new system, Graham.

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Thank you, gents.

I’m thrilled, listening to the astonishing bass replay on The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ from the tiny LS3/5A loudspeakers.

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Number 9, number 9, number 9, …… :crazy_face:

Great album. I’m sure @Blackbird will agree :wink:

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I listen to ‘Revolution 9’ about once every ten years to remind myself what a dreadful waste of almost a full LP side it is.

If Apple offered a three sided 2LP set with an etching on the fourth side (viz recent three-sided 2LP sets from Bruce Springsteen and others), I’d happily go for that.

True but there are some real gems on there

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