My new Naim Uniti Nova

Arrived this morning so I have spent the day learning how to use it.

I was going to but new speakers at the same time but I’m glad I didn’t.

By simply replacing my old Cyrus III stealth and keeping my existing MA Silver 200
it revealed just how much an improvement the NUA is. Had I had new speakers at
the same time it might not have been so obvious where the improvement had come from.


Welcome to the forum and I’m glad you are enjoying your new Nova - it’s a great piece of kit. You will definitely get more out of it with a better pair of speakers


Hi, I’m already delighted with it and the MAS200’s but I have always intended to replace them.

This is where it get’s difficult. I’m prepared to pay up to around £5k for speakers but
I need to find something with a relatively small foot print that can live close to a back wall.
In the frame at the moment, although with concerns about their size are Dali Rubicon 6
and PMC 23I. I also have a bit of a mental problem with the PMC’s because they only have one little bass speaker. Hopefully I can have a demo soon and maybe get over that issue. Still, I’m very open to advice on other speakers around £5k that can live close to a back wall.

You definitely need to audition the PMC’s. I use a Nova with the PMC 25.21’s and they produce loads of high quality bass


@JulianLZB87 I have Spendor A4 speakers. My room presents all sorts of challenges and they perform very well with my SN3. They are small footprint floor standing speakers. I have them 17.5 inches from the wall behind and about 30 from side walls. I have had lots of speakers before which have performed poorly in our difficult room. We also like that they are not too tall. Many speakers would block our NYC skyline view, which is very important to us. They are below your budget, but deserve an audition


That is good to hear. How close to your back wall do they live?

Just took this photo while watching football!


@crispyduck Do you like cooking duck?

I do actually!

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The Nova needs careful speaker matching and it’s easy and tempting to ‘over’ speaker it. I would have thought something more modest than 5k would be appropriate but careful audition, preferably at home, is recommended


There is also the option of sealed box design speakers pro ac tablette 10 or the Harbeth p3ESR’s for example.


@crispyduck i once tried. Could not get it to crisp and gave up after 10 hours. Never again. Now we just get Peking Duck.


I tried my Nova with Proac Tab 10’s and just did not work. I’m pretty sure @HungryHalibut had the same experience


I use the previous generation PMC Twenty5.23 speakers (23 as opposed to 23i) with my Nova, I find them a really good match. I certainly don’t find a shortage of bass, it’s fast and well controlled and goes deeper than I’d expect from a compact box.
I hope you find a good match for your ears when you listen to your choices.

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I’m glad to hear £5k might be over doing it. :slight_smile:

They seem pretty close to the back wall… that works for me.

I’ve just checked the A4 dimensions and their depth of less than 12 inches is good for my space but they’s need to be no more than a foot from the back wall. I’ll try to get a demo.

Would still suggest the Harbeth p3’s if you have a dealer nearby they might not work for you, but I love what they do in rooms where they do. The spendor a4’s are definitely a good option I’ve loved them in the demo room. If I hadn’t fallen for the m30.2’s my next home demo would have been the a4’s. Edit: also I’m not sure how much space they need but I’ve heard good things about the Russell k red series the red 50’s might be worth a listen

I had both Harbeth models you refer to. Both performed sub- optimally in my room. This was before I had my SN3. I think I had Rega electronics then but not sure. The problem was both Harbeth models needed to be placed further apart than my room could accommodate. They also needed more distance from side walls.

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Understandable, at least it’s one brand off the list hopefully you do find your ideal speaker.