My system is now sounding sublime

So often I read this or something similar I really cannot envisage what is occurring.

Sublime: change directly into vapour when heated, typically forming a solid deposit again on cooling.

Might explain break in I suppose.


You know, I have no idea what your response means or what you even intended to communicate. :man_shrugging:

Thus it was a sublime post.

The chemistry meaning is more usually (?) used in the form ‘sublimate’ and ‘sublimation’

But if we can tolerate words changing their meaning (think of gay and torpid), having a word that could mean something quite different, but poetically intertwined, is acceptable and cannot be misinterpreted once placed in context.

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I see that, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘sublime’ is, first and foremost, an adjective with the meaning that I’m guessing 99% of the English speaking world would ascribe to it (i.e. of very great beauty or excellence). Only when used as a verb does it have the chemical definition.
Isn’t language a wonderful thing?!

Qobuz Sublime?

Tidal probably hope they do.

As someone with a modicum of chemistry knowledge I take sublime in a non-chemical context but drawing on this heritage to mean something that has skipped a stage in excellence, just as a substance skips, say, a liquid phase. The classic example is dry ice which sublimes from solid to vapour.
Of course psychology has also odopted the wors, but that is outside my area of expertise.

In psychology , sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism, in which socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, possibly resulting in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse.

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My head was hacked by pints of porter… I think solid, gel and sublime in the same paragraph caused a few synapses to fire :blush:



That explains why I continue to buy CDs …

My take on the Sublime is that from Aesthetic Philosophy. The nature of things that overwhelm us with beauty and romanticism - and take us away from the particulars of normal day to days.

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