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Can someone tell me what the section at the bottom of the rear of the speaker is for. I have seen a pair for sale with these missing.


There’s an adjustable screw on the back of the dedicated stands to level the speakers and give them a stable 3 point mounting. That screw rests on the little round area which protects the veneer.


The speakers have a 3 point mounting arrangement. They ‘hang’ on the stands via the two lugs on the speakers and a screw point on the stand sits against the aluminium pad on the speaker.


Odd that the little steel plates appear to have been removed. I guess it would be easy enough to replace them. Only necessary if you intend to use the dedicated stands, but they are well worth using if you can get them.

Thanks all, much appreciated.

Having checked the photo’s, the square hole does not fit in line with the size of the original plate on the speaker. It looks smaller. Could someone have cut this out & left a hole? Seems so odd to remove this as it has no impact on the speaker whatsoever.

I don’t have a pair to hand anymore, but I think the aluminium plate fits that square recess. Stuck over it is a larger rectangular thin vinyl cover with a circular hole cut in it to expose the aluminium plate underneath.

Saying that, I can’t see a reason to remove it like has happened on these and unless they are a very good price, I’d look for a mint unmolested pair myself. Great little speakers anyway.

Had a feeling this may be the case. I have contacted Naim to see if they supply spare plates. Worth a try.

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As James says, the larger black area is stuck on top of the metal plate so you only see part of it through the round hole. If Naim don’t have replacements any small metal plate would do. It’s just there to stop the little metal screw from sinking into the wood.

Hopefully Naim can help. I emailed a while ago as I was hoping they could supply some black cloth grilles as I wished to replace the silver metal ones on my black/silver lacquered NSats. Sadly they had none left. As you say… Always worth a try.

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