System Pics 2021

The n-Sats ‘hang’ from the 2 pins that are at the back of speaker on the dedicated stands. An adjustable grub screw was lower down on the stand that rested on the back plate of the speaker (this afforded a little bit of play with the downward angle of the speaker). This arrangement de-coupled the speaker from the stand. Google an image to get a better idea.


Thanks @badlyread…I had no idea!


Sorry I was late… but badlyread explained it perfectly.

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Why thank you! (bends at the waist and removes hat and extends arm holding hat to his chest…)

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You went from 282 to 252?

It came up quite recently in another thread too.

Strings glistening in the sunshine…

…and giving off a different kind of light (a gentle green glow!):


Didn’t see that James. Used to own a pair with stands before I stupidly sold them to a man with a lovely new Audi TT (new version at the time).

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Wasn’t me. I sold my TT before getting my nSats :grinning:

Here is a current picture of my humble system. Uniti Atom with Guru Q10 speakers:

Last updates were the dedicated Guru oak standpoints for the speakers this summer.
The sound improved a quite bit with them. I did not expect so much.
Power cable and speaker cables were replaced this year, too.

I know my systems and picture cannot compete with the extra ordinary systems and their environment shown here in the thread. Unfortunately the possibilities in my room are limited. But the system is sounding very good to me. I am having so much fun with it … Thank you Naim, thank you Guru. Thanks to the forum for so many helpful suggestions and recommendations.

I guess the next and maybe last update for some time will be a replacement of this ugly TV lowboard with something nicer …


I love the lighting with the Atom, looks really good, and the Gurus on their stands look really cool.


Thank you very much for your nice comment, @Eoink!

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It all looks perfectly balanced to me. Looks like a very comfortable space.

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Listening Naim and reading Murakami. What a great combination!


Definitely. :slight_smile:

Yep sure did

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Resistance is futile


Won’t upvote - but hope all goes well in recovery


Really like the look of your Guru’s on the stands, whole system looks like I daresay it sounds, totally together and just right.

Guru’s do what they do better than anything else, don’t know how or what exactly it is but you certainly miss it when it isn’t there, special speakers.

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Why do I hear Jeff Wayne coming from those wonderful speakers?