NAC 152XS with NAP 150XS with FlatcapXS and stageline

I’m trying to figure out if I can connect these 4 items, as I’m thinking of adding the 152xs and 150xs, and I already have a stageline and flatcap XS and a Nait XS 2.

I think I can, but can’t find an example in the various connection guides.

Not to mention maybe its better to have two flatcapXS to make this work better.

Thanks! Andy

Yes, they should all go together perfectly; you can even make the most of the two supplies in side the Flatcap2xs.

You’ll connect the Flatcap2xs to the NAC152xs via a pair of SNAIC5s (you should already have one that came with the FC2xs, you’ll need one more) for both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 upgrades. Then connect the FC2xs (from one of the DIN4s by the Stage 2 u/g DIN5) to the NAP150xs.

The Stageline, you can connect to the NAC152xs via its SNAIC5 to the powered AUX2 socket.

You have room here also to upgrade further with a second Flatcap2xs or even a HICAP, but this will get you going nicely for now.


Thanks Richard, so its really just what the amplification manual says for 152-150 with flatcap, then use the powered aux 2 from NAC to stageline.

At the moment I have the flatcap xs driving a Nait XS-2, any view on whether its worthwhile to just add the Nap 150XS, my thought was I would find the 152 and 150 and sell the XS-2.

Won’t be too terrible of an upgrade cost wise.

Thanks again, Andy

That’s the change I made, Andy, to the separate pre and power, albeit from a Nait XS. No regrets.

Get the NAP155XS if you can, not the NAP150.

Good luck.


So this is what I found in the amplification guide for this set up.
Seem like right idea?

The only question then is what order to turn on, I assume 155XS last.

Yes, Flatcap first, then the power amp.

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It’s one way of doing it. The other is as per my post above where you dedicate both supplies in the Flatcap to the NAC152xs and then power the Stageline off the AUX2 of the pre-amp. Well worth trying g both ways and seeing which you prefer.

Well I can’t get he version I posted the picture of to work!

NAC doesn’t power on.

When I do the version of the 3 without stageline:

this picture, it works.

Need a 5 pin 180 to 5 pin 270 to hook to the stageline, your way. and I have one but too short!

How about with the blanking plug that covers upgrade 1 on the NAC152XS?

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Yes, probably a link plug not fitted.

I will try that, thanks all.

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Okay, got I working. The confusion was in the amplification manual the diagram on page 20 show a plug on upgrade 1 of the 152 XS. Need the plug that goes in link 1 that also cover upgrade 1.

So kind of a printing error.


Excuse me. Connection guide amplification REV 1J

I ended up moving to option 2 feeding the 152 upgrade 1 and 2 from the Flatcap and moving the stage line to aux 2 with power. Which begs a question. If I don’t use the turntable much does feeding the stageline draw enough power that it takes away from the 152xs for other purposes.

I’m not certain what upgrade 1 and 2 are feeding that’s different.

One supply does the digital stuff - switching and logic control - the other powers just the analogue pre-amp and AUX2.

It’s worth trying others sources with the Stageline connected to the AUX2 or not; that’s the best way to determine how much having it connected and powered affects performance, if at all.

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I would mute your NAC and turn off the NAP before removing the Stageline from AUX2.

Then turn it back on and unmute.

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Super helpful, I will do that.

I tend to turn off everything if I’m switch cables

While I have your attention, I have an older stageline K for MC., The only way to power is with the two options on this thread right? Or can I power separately, and still feed the NAC?

Thanks both!

So verdict on having the stageline connected or not. I feel like the tone without it was a little brite. I might say I feel that using the two upgrades from flatcap XS as opposed to feeding the stageline from the aux2+power was somewhat improved, but not clearly better before or after.

Leaving with two upgrade chanels and with stageline feed from Aux 2.

At a minimum its a little cleaner cable wise for me.


Is there a Nap 150xs?

I have a Nap150x that I bought new a long while ago.

Never heard of an ‘s’ version.