NAC 202 to replace NAC 122X

Hi chaps

I’m after a bit more advice - that’s probably already been given previously but I can’t find it!

Anyway at the moment I have a NAC 122X pre and NAP 200 power and in between I have a FlatCap XS - I now have the opportunity of swapping to a NAC 202 and my question is can the FlatCap be used to power the 202 (and yes I know the 200 can power the 202) but I want to keep the FlatCap because that will power the StageLine that’s arriving tomorrow (at least that’s what I’m hoping for if I’ve done my homework correctly)

Sorry to be long winded - thanks in advance for any help


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Yes Simon, you can power the NAC202 from a FCXS.

You would then have a choice about what to do with the other half of the Flatcap.

You could do nothing with it, and choose to power your forthcoming Stageline from Aux2 on the NAC202.

Or you could power the Stageline from the Flatcap and use a Naim 4-5 pin interconnect to return the signal to your preamp from the Flatcap.


That’s good news!

I’m new to Naim but just love what it does to the music.

I’d seen somewhere that the FlatCap could power 2 bits of kit at once hence the decision with adding the StageLine - but after looking through all the manuals I could find on the old tinternet I couldn’t see a connection diagram putting the FlatCap between NAC 202 and NAP 200! So I was rather unsure. I think I’m right in saying that the HiCap seems to be the preferred option between the two and that’s something I’ll look into later.

Appreciate the help



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You can do that. Bear in mind that the ideal match for the 202 is a Hicap DR, not a Flatcap, which is little better if any than the preamp supply in the 200, and that you’ll be wanting a Napsc to power the digital stages. The Stageline will probably sound better powered from the Aux 2 of a Hicap powered 202 than from a Flatcap.

If it was me I’d be getting shot of the 200 and getting a Supernait 3. It has a built in phono stage and DR power supply for the preamp. One box instead of five.

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You’ll be fine. A sales guy whose opinion I rate very highly once said to me that, ‘the 202/200 is where the real vfm lies in the Naim range.’


Don’t know much about the 200, but does it have one output PS line or two?

I presume the 202 can take two +24V supply rails (like the 102).

The 200 has a single rail 24V DC pre amp supply, I believe.

Yes, the 202 can use either single or dual 24V DC supplies - it needs the appropriate blanking plug to be in place, to run single rail.

I like my multitude of boxes - plus how do I explain “where have all the boxes gone” to my better half?


I see you’re using a system slightly similar to my own 152 instead of 122 - may I ask the silly question as to where is your StageLine getting its power?

It’s not silly.


My preamp is powered directly from my NAP200DR. And one half of my FCXS powers the preamp’s Upgrade 1

Thanks - it’s all a little complicated for a simpleton like me - I know that it’s worth it tho - I’ve been absolutely amazed just how much better my music sounds after switching over to the dark side - my old mf stuff just didn’t grab me the way Naim stuff does. I worked out the other day just how much I’ve spent over the years on other brands - I could’ve had a 552/500 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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The 202 should be a nice upgrade over the 122x. It would really sing if you trade the Flatcap for a Hicap (powering the Stageline from Aux2) :grinning:

That’s going to be the plan I think - but it will have to wait a little now - finances a little low shall we say - FlatCap will have to suffice for now at least!

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I read that the 202/200 are not produced actually. Due to some parts lacking. Are there some different news?

Don’t think so - I’m buying 2nd hand!


Pulled the plug on the 202 it arrives on Friday - StageLine arrived today - sounds awful - noticed cartridge is practically sitting on the vinyl - I think the cantilever is giving up - still it’s about 12 years old so it looks like a new stylus needed - think I might put a LVB 250 in the 2M Black - when funds allow at least. Ggggrrrrrrr! :confounded:

ps thanks for the help re 202!

Shame about the cartridge but a stonkingly good amp!

You are in for some good music!


Yes I certainly hope so

Really looking forward to it!

Thanks again


Before getting a Hicap, you really need a Napsc for a Nac 202.


Hi mate - thanx for the recommendation of the NAPSC - sorry to sound a bit dumb - what exactly does it do and what are the benefits?