Nac 272 vs NDX2 and Nac 282

Hi - would appreciate thoughts on the following (I know the best option is to trial equipment but as I’m looking at used this wont be possible): Currently have Nac 272/ XPSDR/Nap 200DR/ Proac Tab 10 sigs. There are some good offers on used NDX2s and Nac 282s at the moment and I am considering swapping the 272 for the NDX2 and 282. I don’t want to consider the new streaming preamp as am assuming this would sit below a 282 and NDX2.
My assumption is this will be an obvious and worthwhile upgrade considering the retail prices of these units - but wanted to get any thoughts as have also seen lots of comments about the 272 punching above its weight with an XPSDR.
Thanks in advance.

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I’m sure others will give you more advice, but don’t think for a second that you don’t already have a nicely balanced setup.

I’d ask yourself if you stream a lot from Tidal/Qobuz before changing things. On balance I think most will agree that adding a NDX2 and NAC 282 and keeping the rest of your kit will sound better and definitely give you a better Internet streaming experience but at a cost. Whether that cost is worth it depends on you. Personally I’d hold off until Naim announces its new lineup in the next few months. With the new lineup there may be even better deals out there…

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I can’t answer the original question directly but can add perspective…

Last year I went from a (Gen1) NDX into 202/200; to NDX into 282/200.

The difference even into relatively inexpensive KEF LS50s speakers was immediately apparent, with a far more engaging and energetic musical presentation.

Given the supposedly better sounding NDX2 as well as splitting the streamer and pre amp, I can imagine the change from 272 would be a very worthwhile upgrade.

I went to my dealer soon after the 272 was released and asked him to demo it, along with some alternatives at a similar budget. I listened to 272/XPSDR/250DR and it sounded great, but then he set up an NDX/202/200DR and it sounded slightly better for less money, although that might not be the case with many speakers which need the extra power of the 250 to drive them. I eventually settled on NDX/282/200DR, which was still a little cheaper than the 272 based system and clearly outperformed it, again with the proviso that the better power amp in the 272 system would give it the edge with some speakers.
You would have a further advantage with an NDX2 which sounds better than the 1st gen NDX, as well as having access to better sounding music sources such as Qobuz lossless 24 bit, and lossless iRadio.

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Yes, it will be a significant upgrade. Bear in mind that a New Classic streamer and preamp are coming relatively soon, and that when you try to sell your 272 it will only be worth about £1,000.

Will the new streamer replace the NDX2?

To get the best out of the 282, you really need a separate power supply. A HiCapDR would be a minimum IMO.


Yes, but at increased cost, and unless you plan to go for a full New Classic system there will be a mismatch visually, and in terms of some functions, so the NDX2 may still be the best choice. New Classics use the same streaming board as the NDX2 so it’s not as if it’s redundant.

(Read this quick just in case it gets deleted for discussing new products that don’t exist yet!!)

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No comparison, NDX2/282 well ahead.

I can’t comment directly on the N272, though I am currently considering whether or not it would be advantageous to buy one, largely on ‘box count’ grounds.

Currently I have a Nac-282 with SuperCap, which with a recently rebuilt Nap-250 provides superb sound via my 3-way speakers.

So I definitely agree with PeakMan that if you do opt for a Nac-282, you really ought to look hard at giving it a PS of the best quality (e.g. 2xHiCap DR or an S/C).


I run a XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCapDR > NAC 282 > 250 DR into ProAc D30RS speakers and I don’t think you would have any regrets upgrading the streamer and preamp. I believe it is a positive move…

Right now there are some great deals to be had. I am trading in my HiCapDR for a SuperCapDR at the moment. The pricing discount on the older classic gear is favoring the customer right now as dealers/distributors clear inventory. So if you are going to make the move do it quickly. I believe the sales were running to the end of the month.

Good luck with your decision.


I’d ditch the 200 and get a 250DR but I’m fairly biased against that amp. If box count is a concern you could then upgrade the XPS to 555PS. If box count isn’t a concern go the NDX2/282/HC route.

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Thanks all for your replies. After thinking further have decided to go with NDX2/ XPSDR/ Supernait 3 to keep box count lower and to stop me forever thinking about upgrading power amps etc - and get back to enjoying music!


Thats what i have plus power supply upgrades. Absolutely love it. Seldom do i want for more given my room and speaker requirements. I could se myself trying 222 250 but im very curious as to whether it would give me more satisfaction….

Hi @Skyebridge. Did you ever get your 612’s going on your 282? (as seem on previous post, now closed). If so, how did it sound?

Apologies for taking so long to respond.

No, I could not get the (unbalanced) Nac-282 to run two (balanced) mono amps without either hum or else running an earth lead between pre-amp and amplifier.

I read somewhere just a few days ago that Naim has a 4-Din to 2 x XLR mono interconnect that might fit the bill. Another option might be to modify the ‘spare’ 4-Din output on the Nac-282 so that it outputs pre-amp signal (as manufactured & sold, it does not).

In my case I bought an almost new (2022) Nac-552 and 555DR PS for a really good price. It is now running the Chord SPA-612 Monos using modified Chord Epic interconnects.

The sound from any source with my 3-way Ruark Solstice speakers is jaw-dropping detail and instrumental soundstage.

It’s been a hard, long but useful lesson putting together top-end unbalanced and balanced components. But very worthwhile to persevere.


It’s good to hear you have found your your way to ‘jaw-dropping’ sound.

Last light I plugged my NAC282 into a Conrad Johnson Premier 350sa power amp, and now have a much better picture of what my speakers can do…but a bit of hum is audible when music is off or in black/silence moments, so I’ve got some more homework to do. Overall I am very happy though. It is RCA connection in my case, not balanced (via a box I’m not supposed to talk about here).

Coincidentally, I also bid on a 500 system today. The bid was more for fun than anything, so that I can say I’ve tried, as there is no chance it will sell for the start price, or anywhere within my reach. If I’m wrong and win, I will be celebrating…my wife, not so much.

Yes, I found myself getting recommendations towards electronic converters etc. Also, some suppliers who ought to know better seem blithely unconcerned that the Din-XLR interconnects for two mono amps might need to be differently arranged than for dual-mono or stereo amps. Naim frowns rather on people who want to use non-Naim amps, and manufacturers of professional balanced equipment treat even high-quality unbalanced pre-amps as ‘odd’ - ‘needing to be earthed’, or whatever.

There is a firm that designs cables to requirement. The issues to watch there are (a) achieving the same or better quality interconnect as recommended or provided via Naim and (b) how to get 2 x mono Din outputs (i.e. separated signal paths) when the admirable Nac-282 only has one as standard. Using a dual-mono arrangement from the Nac-282’s single 4-Din output compromises the quality/diameter of the signal cable that can be deployed.

The mono power amps I have were originally installed in the Royal Opera House. After I got them, they went back to the factory to be completely refurbished, and upgraded to the manufacturer’s best current power amp quality. This was not cheap, but it was a fraction of the £20k or so to purchase more or less equivalent new mono amps.

Luckily for me I found an almost-new ex-dem Nac-552 and 552DRPS + Chord Epic interconnects at a Naim dealership for an almost unthinkably good price.

When I spoke with the Chord Company they told me that the unbalanced to balanced transposition with the interconnects adjusted to prevent hum would lose some gain; but that with either a Nac-282 or Nac-552 on the other end of powerful balanced amps this would be ‘completely insignificant’.

So that’s the update on recent times.


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