Nac 282, 200 or 250dr?

I m planning the move to a 282+hcdr config and I m a classic rock and jazz listener. I ve the final goal of 250dr but I m thinking about 200dr in order to reduce the amount.
My source is ndac with lpsu and speakers are atc scm 19
How big is the gap between the 2 amp for my type of listening?

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I would suggest you should aim for 282 + 250 - in as few steps as you can manage. Its more cost effective that way.

I bought my 250 very early on in my Naim journey - and still have it, almost 40 years later…


There is quite a gap, as you would hope (expect!) given the price difference. A 282/HiCap/250 is an excellent combination.

If I were you I would look to obtain a 282/HiCap and use your existing Supernait as a poweramp until you have the funds for the better power amp.

Many feel the power amp section in the Supernait is close to or the equal to a NAP 200 so it would be a fine stop gap as your system evolves.


282/200DR is a great 2-box amp (3 boxes including the NAPSC). It’s certainly a good stepping stone to 282/Hicap/250. I do think your speakers probably need a 250 though. For that reason you might consider adding a 250 to your Supernait first, then swapping it for a 282 later.


The ATC 19 seem to really open with a nap 250 dr. I have often read that .

I think if possible you need to hear the options with your speakers. Where do you think are the areas for improvement? Assuming that the SN is good with the ATCs Naim orthodoxy says 282 first and even without a HC the 282 really sings with a 200 particularly in DR format. Bear in mind though that if you are seeking a 200 for now it will have to be 2nd hand as at the moment production is in abeyance. On the other hand a 250DR works well on the back of a SN and would grant future proofing when a 282 eventually turned up.

Good luck.


@LindsayM I already have the hcdr, so I need only to decide what move to do:
sn3/hcdr to sn3 hcdr nap250
sn3 hcdr to 282 hcdr sn3
sn3 hcdr to 282 hcdr 200 but probably this one it doesn t make sense
How do you feel the scdr with 282?

@trickydickie I read all your posts when you move from 282 to252 and I was really tune with you, the 282 hcdr is unbelievably good and if you take a look to the price gap for the 252 scdr configuration you can consider it a bargain.
Probably the best move is 282 hcdr sn3 as you suggested. I m really curious in what could be the dynamic gap between 282 250 and 282 200(or sn3) combination because I expect that at low volume it will be really huge

I have found that the better power amps really excel at low volumes and this is an area where you will find a great improvement. I have found this on each of my steps - 200 > 250DR and 250DR to 300DR. The latter was probably a more surprising jump but the 250DR is a real sweet spot in the range.

Of course the better amps also love being played at volume too! The regulated naure of the amps from 250 onwards do make them more stable when the going gets tough.

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As you already have a Hicap you don’t really need a 200DR, just a regular old 200 would be fine as long as it’s not in need of a recap.
Having said that, do you really need to make this step at all? A 200 may be an improvement on the power amp section of your Supernait, but it has less power. With your speakers you may find it doesn’t bring significant gains. So just using the Supernait as a preamp with a 250, or as a power amp with a 282, would be a good stepping stone to your final goal. If you’re looking on the used or ex-demo market, just go for whichever one comes along first at the right price. Either way, you’ll get there.

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I would go to the first step, the most important: 282 into SN3 / Hicap.
Some have done the same here .

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I first ran a 282/HCDR/200 & then swapped to the 250DR. My thoughts at the time were the 250DR was a far superior amp, in general the 250DR is a much fuller sounding amp vs the 200, which is on the leaner side. I felt the 250DR brought out loads of additional detail vs the 200, while at the same time being a far more refined/smooth sound. If the funds allow, I would highly recommend the 250DR, but as always best to let your ears decide.

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I can’t comment on using the SN either as a pre or power amp, but have had the 282/HC/250 and can thoroughly recommend. The SC is a very considerable upgrade, wider soundstage and more resolution.


I would echo the suggestion of a 282/HCDR with your SN as a power-amp, then trading the SN for a 250DR later


Do you think that as a definitive combo or just as temporary and intermediary to the 282-hcdr-250dr?

With the right speakers I think the 282/200DR could definitely be a keeper, but personal taste is also a factor. To me the 200 had a lighter touch which I found very appealing with some music, whereas the 250DR had, amongst other things, more low end clout which the 200 could never match.


I’m pretty much in the same position as the OP. I demoed the 282 with a 250DR compared to 282 with Supernait 3 as poweramp (speakers ATC SCM40). Decided that the 250DR and 282 in one go was the way forward, although I also did consider to make it two steps. I never heard the 200DR but as I had the HiCap DR already I never really thought about that as an option. If the goal is a 250DR I think the Supernait 2/3 can do poweramp duty in between, as you start with adding a 282.

My own reasoning for doing both at once was that the ATC speakers liked the 250DR, and the turntable as a source will be be better balanced with the Superline going into to the 282. All in all I hope the end result will be a balanced system with good improvements in many ways, compared the current Supernait 2 + HiCAP DR.


…if I was in your shoes, I would go with the HiCap DR > NAC 282 > SN 3 > ATC SCM 19.

This past year I moved from a HiCap DR > SN 2 > ProAC 30RS to HICap DR > NAC 282 > SN 2 > ProAC 30RS and the uplift in the music was fabulous! The improvement was more than I had expected.

I was going to wait for 6 months or so before looking for a NAP 250 DR but then another customer traded in his 2 year old 250 DR six weeks later and I went ahead and upgraded. One fantastic system a well worn path for many here on the forum.

As others have mentioned, see if you can hear a demo at a dealer’s showroom and then at home.

Good luck with your decision.


Thanks @seakayaker , I followed your posts in the forum, to me they are always logical and my path will be what you suggested. Being honest after the hcdr addition the sn3 sounds sublime even though the vividness and the blody sound of 282-250dr is something I want to achieve


I’m also following @seakayaker journey. I also find your observations about the SN3 w/hcdr spot on. I know my setup can be better but it’s so sublime right now I almost don’t want to change a thing. That all being said I find this thread fascinating as the one thing I’d like to do is listen at lower volumes and perhaps the 250DR is where I’d like to be in the near future.