NAC 282 + SN2 or NAP 200?

hi everybody, I got a good deal fo a pre owned NAC 282 and I will collect it in the next days from the retailer.

I currently run a SN2 + HiCapDR; the latter will obviously feed the NAC 282 together with NAPSC.

now my question is: assuming that the right “partner” of NAC 282 is NAP 250 (in the future…), would it worth while in the meantime to keep the SN2 as power amp or swap to a NAP 200, not necessarily DR, at about the same price (pre owned) of my old SN2 (thus no additional cash out…)?

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Hi Stefano

Go 200 amp, it’s pretty good and save money at this stage

As you have the HiCap Dr you don’t need a 200 DR as hicap takes care of it ie: makes the Dr section of 200 nul in void so to speak. Yes 250DR the goal but no need to rush, plenty of time in life

Happy hunting


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Forgot to ask -what speakers do you have Stefano ?

You will also need the NAPSC to run the 282 Stefano

If you ultimately want a 250 - get the DR version, not the 250.2 - then don’t bother with the 200. A used SN2 is worth more than a used non-DR 250 and you’d just be losing money.


Agree HH but a 250DR a lot more than a secondhand SN2

I think you missed the word ‘ultimately’.

Indeed I did - apologies for that HH but depends on how long Stefano is prepared to wait. Maybe a pre loved 250dr might appear. But I agree ultimately 250dr is the one

I cannot see how not swapping the SN rev.2 for a 200 ,the former sells better and warrants a much better result sound wise.
Still it’s a nap 250.2 you really want for a sound upgrade and a straight swap may still be possible and you’re done.

The 200 is quite a different amp to the 250, and if anything I would say that the Supernait is closer in character to the 250. That isn’t to say that the 200 isn’t a good amp, just that it has a different style of presentation. A few have even preferred the 200 to the 250 for its lightness of touch, where the 250 has more low end drive.

Ultimately you need to listen for yourself. Personally, if I had chosen a 250 I would just wait until I could afford one and then buy it. Still, if you have a chance to listen to a 200, do it. I really enjoyed my 282/200, and although I have since moved on, it’s an amp I could happily live with.

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Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand SE




282/200 is a fantastic pairing, I used it for years.



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I would wait until a bargain 250 dr appears. And listen to 282/ SN2 in the meantime.
I know the 250.2 is better vs the SN2, but not a big difference. And it’s more expensive to buy a 250.2 second hand and get it serviced and dr, than buying a second hand 250 dr.

I agree, too, but my original question was how power section of SN2 is compared to NAP 200, not to NAP 250.


thank you, Crhis, very interesting!
definitely, as the 250 DR is “the one”, NAP 200 well worth a listen!


+1 on that used the 200 with 282 & NPSCC & HCDR

possibly then sell SN2 and look at NDX2 as source ??? just an idea

honestly I have to sell SN2 to buy both NAP 200 or 250! :laughing:

at the moment ND5 XS2 (pretty new) and CDX2/XPSDR will be enough as sources! :wink:


For 1k more ( vs second hand SN2), you can have a second hand 250 dr. Between a 200.2 and 250 dr there is a gulf.
Save 1k, sell the SN2, and buy the 250 dr.

you said right: “for 1k more” but now I have only 3k less! :crazy_face:

the idea of NAP 200, as intermediate upgrade, was only due to the possibility of an even trade: SN2 for NAP 200.


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