Nac 282 which partner for the budget

I ve a linn lp12 and rega iOS and a dac v1 connected to a nac 92 and nap 90 with devore gibbon 3xl.
I ve just serviced my nap 90 and with 30w you ve more than enough for devores.
To improve the quality of my system i evaluated a sn2 or nac282+hc.
To me the latter sounds really better but, because of the budget, i would remain with my nap 90 for a lot of time. Does the 282/90 combo sound absurde in terms of sq? Would the nap 140 be definitelo better?

If you like what it does I wouldn’t worry about the apparent imbalance.

I recently heard a system with a 252 Supercap DR and a 140 and it sounded excellent.

If you were proposing putting a 250 with your 92 then it would be a different matter.


Thanks @trickydickie but I suspect that 140 is really better than 90 in terms of sq

It is. I would try to look for at least a NAP110 or NAP140 as an upgrade over your NAP90. The gap between a NAP110 and NAP110 is a big one. FWIW, I’m currently using a NAP110 on the end of a NAC552, while my NAP250DR heads back to the factory for some TLC - remarkably good!

I could find a serviced 140 but probably i have to spend money for a not final solution or @Richard.Dane do you think that a serviced 140 with 282+hc could be a long terms solution?
In other words @Richard.Dane do you think that 140 and 200 are on the same plan for sq?

For what it is worth, I like the 140 over the 200 in the context of a Nac 72 & hicap. No big difference though.

The key part of the amp pairing is the pre-amp, so I think I could definitely live with either a 140 or 200. However, do ensure that they are in good health and serviced within the last 10 years, or else budget to get it done.

Why not all Olive — 82/hicap and then possibly an Olive 250 within budget?

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What is TLC??

Get the 282 then save, save , save for a 250DR…

TLC = tender loving care.

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Now I get it :wink:

Hi Pieba
I also have DeVore Gibbon 3XL with my Naim system. I have a 272 and NAP250DR currently. I have used both a SN2 and a NAP100 with the speakers. Even though the Gibbons are really easy to drive, every improvement to the amp was easily audible through the speakers.
Having said that I know that John DeVore thought that he got best results by maxing out the source, he used an expensive turntable with an XS amplifier with a flat captain some shows. John often got praised for great sound in his rooms, so you’re probably doing the right thing by improving source and preamp first.
Enjoy your new system.

I read that report and i had a chance to talk with john. He told me that they do not need power but they love quality. I think xs is not a pairing at all. Minimum partner is sn and due to that i ve to decide if sn2 or 282

I agree. In your opinion with service they come to original performances?

@Richard.Dane do you think that in terms of sq nap 100 and nap 200 are night and day?

Yes, good question piebia and likewise, what of the NAP 155 XS?

And while discussing vintage amps, curious to see where NAP 180 fits. I’ve read that some people like it over a NAP 250.

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Right, maybe so. I am excitedly waiting for an ND555 and SN3 to put in front of my DeVores, a big upgrade in performance over the 272/250 to my ears, even with the downgrade in preamp and power amp. I definitely agree the DeVores love quality.
I am sure you will enjoy your system.

For sure the 555 is a quantic improvement but probably the sn is not an improvement compared to 272+250dr…being honest at line level i didn t find audible differences between sn2 and sn3

There is a night and day difference if you want to power a 282, because the 100 can’t do it.

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