Nac 282 with supernait 3

They both do indeed know a lot about Naim amplifiers but neither of them owns one. Maybe the connection complexities are just too much!

I do keep a couple of spares Nigel - just in case…


Yes there are certainly different connection options on the likes of the integrateds that go against the grain of the separates methodology . I mean subwoofer connection for starters. Most un- Naim like.

I never would for the life of me thought a 282 and just a SN3 was a viable coupling on it’s own.

Yep Chris and James have been there done it but no longer own the proverbial t shirt. Posted after James last message!

The confusion comes partly from the fact that a Supernait can power a preamp whereas a Nait XS cannot. It’s all part of Naim’s legendary - or confusing depending on how one views these things - upgrade ladder. If you own a Supernait 3 you can either add a power supply, a power amp, or a preamp. If you add a 282 it’s possible to swap the SN3 for a 200, but not a 250, unless you add a Hicap at the same time.

The Nait XS can be used in the same way Nigel. Its power amp in socket carries a 24v feed so it can power a preamp. It’s only the integrateds without the link plug that can’t be split in this way.

Crumbs, you are quite right. I’m sure I read somewhere that this wasn’t possible. Clearly I should be reading the manual rather then believing what was written by someone else.

Clearly the XS3 and SN3 are very flexible beasts. The best thing about them of course, is that they are both excellent amplifiers in their own right, more than capable of giving great satisfaction without further additions.


Next, I suppose someone is going to tell me I could run a 282 of the power supply on my Uniti2……


It’s a pretty flexible upgrade path - quite clever really. This thread has reminded me that the 282 is probably the most flexible preamp in the range for its various options of power supplies and power amp upgrades.

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You’re safe there Mike :grinning:

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Yes, just a Naim phono preamplifier according to the manual. It’s a surprisingly versatile little box connection-wise, all the same.

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You pose an interesting question there Mike. If I could be allowed a brief sidetrack here - if we go back to the origin of the powered AUX2 socket that first appeared on the original NAC52, one of the early messages relayed by journalists was that this socket enabled you to power another pre-amp, say, the NAC32.5 or NAC72 that you had before, I guess mainly to give you an additional phono stage, albeit one that would run through a volume control. Of course, Naim themselves doubtless already knew its real purpose - to power the Prefix phono stage - but it does make the alternative use for the AUX2 somewhat intriguing. And no, before anyone asks, I’ve never tried it myself…


I’m sure I’ve seen written somewhere that the powered AUX2 could also be used with a Headline, something that is no longer mentioned and having tried it once I would say that it’s not recommended.

It seemed to have a detrimental effect on the overall sound of the amp (an XS) either due to extra load on the power supply or thinking about it now the probable earth loop generated by having the SLIC cable in AUX2 and the Headline’s DIN cable in the AV next to it.

I like this thread :grin:. The upgrade path is an aspect of Naim which I like a lot. And to see that experienced users can still be suprised by it, well it brings a smile on my face. Cheers.

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It’s possible but not recommended as it sets up an earth loop and lowers overall performance.

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My greatest fear is unnaturally rear ending the SN3’s derriere with something that shouldn’t be inserted there !

And I’ve been buying Naim stuff since 1991 on and off. You live and learn.

This stuff can generally be done without fear of causing an explosion as long as you stick to the instructions in the manual. I know reading those things is unfashionable but between the Connection Guide and product manuals it’s all in there.
The only time I tried this with a Supernait was at my dealers, but we were using a Hicap on the 282 then. He still checked the manual to make sure it was going to work despite his years of experience with Naim kit.


I am also using classic series 32.5/140. NAP140 is serviced recently. Can I buy and use NAIT 5Si as preamp alongwith NAP140. If so what connectors do I need?

There is no preamp output on the Nait 5si. Only the Nait XS and Supernait have this option.

I’ve recently been through a similar upgrade to separates, tried most of the connection options and can corroborate the many responses that you can run a 282 off an SN3 with or without a HiCap. It’s a very versatile piece of kit.

Since you mentioned the 250-2 , would also say that it can be a great partner for the 282 even without the DR upgrade. That’s what I decided on, after trying out a 250DR in comparison. In my opinion, if you happen to like a bit of a heavier, warmer sound to temper the 282’s forward nature, the 250-2 is worth considering. The 250DR will be faster and more dynamic. My loudspeakers and room also played a role in how each presented.

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So, I purchased the 282 and I am running it with my SN3. I am very pleased with the overall sound.
Do I need to get the nap 250dr?
Well I think I will because the sn3 looks out of place, but I also hope the 250dr will bring a significant sound quality improvement. If it does, wow. I think that will be my end game regarding the amplifier section.
Many thanks for all your help :+1:

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