NAC 72 - Position of Boards - which one missing?

sorry for asking - think has been dealt before, but I have not found it …

Would like to have a NAC72 (replacement of the one I sadly sold a year back) and could get one that looks like that:

There is a free spot of boards - which Ione is missing here?

found this inside the forum:

Which one is input 2?
Which input can not be used with the boards missing at this section?

Thanks a lot!

Input 2 is the 2nd input from the left as you look at the rear of the 72.
For your 72 this will be the cd input. The din inputs are line level so no boards are required.
BTW, looks like it could do with service?


OK - CD input works without board? is this correct.
Why do you think it is in need of service. Looks very fine at the inside to my opinion.
Or do you think from its pure age?

Well, I’m bl**dy impressed that you can tell from the photo that the 72 needs a service, but what is it about the photo that leads you to that conclusion?

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That’s what I thought a minute ago - looks fine to me the 72!

Probably down to the dark red Roederstein caps.


OK - is this a problematic part. But should not be a showstopper being it as it looks good - and has all original parts inside (imho).

Are there boards missing inside - or is this the original status with no boards on the CD Input?

I can use CD Input without board?
Buhen a board is fitted I can use ist as 2nd phono? Is this the reason for the optional boards?

To paraphrase a famous exchange in the law courts some years ago:

I’m none the wiser for that, but at least I’m better informed!!

Browsed a lit in another thread…
Learned that the brown caps (Roederstein) are replaced by new ones when it comes to service at class A.

Will take it to service in Germany - no problem!

I also learned that there are no missing boards.

I think this confirms my gut feeling, that I should get this nice NAC 72 :slight_smile:
From the outside it looks like new.

Confirmed from your side? :slight_smile:

Drago, weren’t you they guy buying 3 (!) Nac 52’s?

LOL… No this has been reduced to the one and only … the first 52. It came back from repair including full recapping. It sounds wonderful.
The other 52 (with the bad POT) has been temporarily fixed (new POT but still only one motor speed) and the seller took it back and fell in love with its sound again. All happy at the end. No third one :slight_smile:
The 72 is for a second setup - still have a spare 250 and hicap… the 72 should fill the gap !

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The 72 will feel home in the brace of a hicap and 250!

I know - was my system for nearly 20 years!

Can anyone confirm the one (pics above) too be fine.
Think I understood correctly that there is no board missing!?


No board missing there. That input could have boards fitted though but you needed to cut the links on the main board.


Tanks a lot


72 is here :o)
One general question - are the caps altering the same way, when it is turned off. Currently I have it as spare, but love the idea of re-capping :o)

Caps age, from when they are made. Powered or not.

Facts… damn… :thinking:

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Thanks - I feared that. But as to my scientific knowledge it must be more degrading as to the temperature effect. I assume that it must be a bit slower when powered down.

I’m still nostalgic for my old 72/HC/250, such a rocking system.

I’m under the impression that regularly cycling the power on your system prematurely ages the caps? Is this accurate?