Nac a5 length, is there a maximum?

I know there is a minimum 3.5M and optimum 5M but is there a maximum that should be avoided? Reason I ask is that if I were to move my speakers around i’d need 9M per side or thereabouts. I’m currently using 7M. Would 9M be too much? Thanks.

9m is near perfect according to most

See FAQ … Speaker Cable for Naim power amplifiers

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I have 10m
Previously - different house - it was 8m

As the FAQ says, you’re fine up to around 20m per channel. You could probably go even longer but I’m not sure if anybody has tried, or whether it may start to cause issues.

Thanks Richard, I wish I was in a position to require 20M lengths each side!

It depends on speaker impedance. Too much length (inductance) will cause roll-off at high frequencies; with a 4ohm speaker - 10m (10uH) will be -1dB down at 32kHz, with 20uH it will be -1dB at 16kHz.

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12m here no issue!

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