Nac-n-272 dab/fm

Hello again, Could someone help me determine whether the NAC-N-272 from 2018/2019 year production with serial number 460991 has a built-in DAB/FM module? As far as I know first two or three years 2015/16/17 were produced without it. But maybe I am wrong. I wrote to Naim but no answer. Thank You in advance for Your help. With best regards, Jeremi

As far as I know, it’s always been an “optional” extra.

This means that a Person who ordered a NAC-N-272 had an extra option for DAB/FM module and paid extra. And also means that last year of production 2018/2019 couldn’t have it…

Xref DAB/FM module NAC 272

Not necessarily. Naim don’t hold stock of the classic and reference ranges, so the last year of 272 production would still have offered the choice and after that it would depend what if anything dealers had ordered for their stock.

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