NAC N272: for a few days, most radio do not work anymore

For a few days, most of the radios, including Naim radio, do not work anymore. Some still do, but most don’t.
If I try to connect to Radio Paradise from my favorites preselections, it does not work anymore. But If I serach it again through Naim’s favorite folder (for example), then it works.
Does anyone have the same issue?
I already have restarted the system, checked the network, etc., and some stations still work.

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The aggregator that Naim use, VTuner, had an outage that started 2 days ago. They patched the Naim service to a temporary service which brought it back, it now seems to have failed again. There is a long thread here (I’d skip to the bottom to avoid 2 days of history.)

Thank you for your answer.
The radio works well now. Indeed it may have been a v-Tuner issue.
I wish you all an happy new year’s eve :slight_smile:

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It was for sure the V-tuner issue. It affected all of Naim’s streaming products worldwide for several days off and on.

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