Nac202 with Nap200 can't turn on

Hi, so I bought an old nac202/nap200 model, but nac202 just can’t turn on, any ideal what’s going wrong? I do use blanking plug on link1&link2 which is top left and bottom left.

Seen like the nac202 not even power on

If you have the top paddle link and the bottom 5 pin link plug fitted then I would first check the SNAIC4. Firstly, is it a genuine Naim SNAIC? Secondly make sure it’s not a DIN4 active lead.

Then, if you have a multimeter and you’re comfortable using it, check whether you have 24v DC output on the power amp’s DIN4 (see the pin layout below).

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I THINK i find the problem, cable seller gave me just have no connection on 24v+ pin, gonna searching an other cable. thanks!

OK good. Make sure you get a proper genuine NAIM SNAIC. See the FAQ here;

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