Nac252 + Nap 300

Hello everyone I am a new user just registered. I wanted to have some recommendations on Naim, I have sold all my mono stereo and preamps because I want to switch to Naim: these are the candidates with my Tannoy Canterbury speakers if I show great music and acoustic treatment (Naim 252 with Supercap no dr and Nap 300 dr ). I accept your advice and ratings and which cables you recommend, thank you

Hi and welcome. I have used a 252/300 for nearly 20 years with all Naim stock cables and A5 speaker cable. Works great. Cables can be improved on but at a price. I think Fraim my be a better investment than fancy cables. Others might comment otherwise.

Hi @ilbaroncin0 , welcome to the forum.

I am sure you already know that you really need to hear a demonstration of a new set of amps and at the price a home demo is a must from your dealer.

A 252/300 set up is an option but for these Tannoy’'s I would think a 552 pre-amp and 500 power amp is going to be more suitable. If you don’t try them you will soon look at 500 series as an upgrade and in the long run it will cost you less to make the move now.

Can you tell us what source (s) you are using? And if you have a limited budget this will be good to know. Naim Statement + Tannoy Westminster’s might be a popular suggestion if funds are unlimited.

For cables I would suggest you stay with Naim Super Lumina to avoid the cable rabbit hole of wondering which one is best. If you have a limited budget Naim standard cables are very good but Witch Hat are preferred by some and I am a big fan if their Din/XLR interconnect that’s used between pre and power amps.

You’ll get better advice once you tell us your source or sources and any budget restrictions.

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Tks this is my setup;

Cd/sacd Sony Scd777es all modded
Dac/Stemear Lumin T2 with Sbooster
Garrard 301 all modded
Jeff Rowland model8 Tihc+ Model 2
Jeff Rowland The Choerence two
Cables all Cardas Golden Reference
Phono The mod squad with 3 stepup Japan
Dure finiture all Music Tools


I would be interested to hear why you are ditching your superb amplification (assuming you are keeping the streamer and TT) and planning to replace with Naim.

What are you looking for in the new amplification that your old rig did not deliver?


You’ll want to change the speaker cables for something that’s compatible with a Naim power amp. They like low capacitance and moderate inductance, and hate Litz type cables. Either use Naim cables (NACA5 or Super Lumina) or go to a brand like Chord who make cables aimed at Naim amp users.


WELL; I wanted to simplify everything a bit I had mono full class a pass labs, gryphon, luxman, spectral and lastly full Jeff rowland then from april 2020 in full pandemic i sold my triangle magella sw2 concert that i poosed for 11 years and took tannoy Canterbury. i had jeff with tannoy for a year then i sold because i think the tannoys want a neutral amp like jeff but slightly clearer since the canteburys are beautiful and well sounding but not really clear, i had the opportunity to listen a hifi shop 250 km away from me with full Naim system and I really liked the tone even if the sound was a bit aggressive with pre nac 282 + 2 hicap + a nap 250 and nordost cables then replaced with qed but nn c ’ they were the original naim.

I see. You really need to evaluate if Naim amplification powering the Canterbury’s will give you what was missing with the Jeff Rowland set up i.e. clarity. You should also check if a NAP 300DR will properly drive those Canterbury’s or whether a NAP 500 is needed.

Once you have identified the ‘right’ NAP, you can think about the NAC but as has already been mentioned, you may well need the resolving power of the NAC552.

Is there any chance you can arrange a home demo of Naim amplification, or is there a Naim dealer that has Canterburys (or similar)? I really think you need to demo as much as possible to ensure Naim amplification is the right direction.

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dearest, I don’t know how to answer you, for me Naim is a new world, what I can say is that in that shop I tried the cant with nap250 and nac 282 I can assure you that with trio ejazz and rock music I could not raise more 9 am
already the sound was strong, let’s say that this is a characteristic of naim. so i think 90 watts of the 300 dr is enough,
but if I signed up on this forum it is to understand this tannoy / naim if there is synergy

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think i am now using an integrated Mcintosh MA8000 :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

then in Italy the Naim cost a lot also used they cost a lot, but in England there are good shops that deal with the brand?

I didn’t realise you had already listened to the Canterbury’s with a 282/250. I have no experience of Tannoy with Naim, others on here who have may chip in.

If the 282/250 is giving you what you are looking for then fine. You will of course get greater musicality as you go up the NAP and NAC hierarchy. The ‘natural’ pairings are NAC282/HiCapDR power supply/NAP250DR, NAC252/SuperCapDR power supply/NAP300DR and NAC552 (with its own dedicated power supply)/NAP500DR.

However you can mix it up, as I have, and match a higher end NAC with a more modest NAP. You will see I have gone to the extreme and have a 552/250DR combination. There is a school of thought on here that, assuming you don’t have very demanding speakers, it is best to buy the best NAC pre amp you can afford and, if funds are limited, match it with a more modest NAP power amp. We jokingly refer to a system where expenditure is weighted to the front end (source, pre amp) as a monkfish. Some of course would disagree and say you should start with the best speakers you can afford, that work in your room, get a power amp that dives them well, and than look at the front end. Such a system we would jokingly call a mullet.

I have always been ‘source first’ (closely followed by pre amp), so my system has always had ‘monkfish tendencies’. I think most on here would agree spending more on a NAC pre amp will give better results than spending more on a NAP power amp, as long as the speakers are not too demanding and work in your room. I have owned 282, 252 and now 552 pre amps and consider the pre amp as the heart and soul of my system.

Now you have heard the 282/250DR with your speakers, and you liked what you heard, I would try and hear 252/SuperCapDR/300DR and 552DR/500DR with your speakers. These combos will give you far more drive and musicality and I suspect way more than a an integrated McIntosh MA8000!

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words holy and true bravo

Garrard ,ortofon rs/12 stepup denon auqs1and stepup western electric

I will admit to being confused.

You came on here 13 hours ago asking for advice about Naim pre and power amps to drive your Tannoys to replace your Jeff Roland amps. You appear to have ignored any advice given here and a mere 13 hours later appear to have gone with a Macintosh integrated!

Bemused, of Chesham.

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Time for some music and let it all wash over you……:wink:

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And new TT :slight_smile:

It is called the hi-fi merry-go-round :slight_smile:
Good luck getting out of it…

Umm…I think some folk seek help, but don’t actually want it.


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good morning, i’m not kidding i am interested in naim and at the end of the month i should take the nac252 with supercap and the nap 300dr i simply sent pictures of my setups just to get your feedback on naim with recommendations here is my situation. thank you for all your valuable advice I repeat no game no carousel maybe I manifest just a little anxiety :worried: but I really like the Naim, thank you

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