NAC282 Dual Hicaps

Hi, I’ve just added a second Hicap DR to my NAC 282. Both are closely matched (same year serial numbers), currently really pleased with the results!

It’s a nice interim upgrade before a Supercap.


I have a 282 but only a single HiCap.

What does the second one do in terms of details, micro dynamics, bass?

I suggest to separate the head units & pre from the ps units. Left rack, the pre / ndx2 / cd player / headline / stageline. Rack to the right the poweramp, ps for the tt, hicaps. Sell the xp5xs or trade in for a xps or 555 ps.


There is a school of thought that suggests that, while 1xHicap to 2xHicaps is a significant upgrade for a (2)82, a brace of HC is in fact the “sweet spot” and that the uplift from 2xHC to Supercap is modest at best - unless, of course, you have aspirations towards a (2)52.


I wholly agree with said school.


Not tried the school myself but I can’t see why you would go SC on a 282?
Two HCs via snaic differs from one SC via snaic how?

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I seem to recall that I much preferred a Supercap on the NAC282 against a pair of HICAPs.


It’s a much debated subject and came up reasonably recently. Worth a read.

Personally I prefer a SC on a 282 but mileage will vary depending on system and personal preferences.


Absolutely, and indeed I run a Supercap on my 82. My two HCs are in service powering a Headline2 and a Stageline.

I also have aspirations…to a 52. :smiley:


Thanks for the varied comments, for me it was a good move I already had a Hicap and didn’t want the financial commitment of a supercap DR. The XP5XS will probably be the next change to an XPS DR. However it all takes time and …money.

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Reduces the number of boxes?


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To me the Supercap was a big step forward but with luck you can demo.

For shelf space two Hicaps = a Supercap unless you are very fussy.

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As I have a spare Hicap not in use at the mo I have just experimented, adding the second Hicap to the 82. There is a little more depth, a lot more bass, even a little more ‘spaciousness’ 3d if you like. I’m not sure I’d want to buy another Hicap to get the change at new prices, but previously used, mmm.

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Thanks Bruss I definitely agree with your observations. It’s definitely a topic that causes much debate.

I went from 1 hicap to 2 hicaps on an 82 and noticed a big uplift. All olive and all serviced. I went from the 2 hicaps to a Supercap 2 and appreciated more improvements.

2 hicaps brought more bass, definition and a wider soundstage. The Supercap 2 brought more and more depth and a more 3 dimensional sound.

Each step improved things as you’d expect from improved power supplies. 2 hicaps if you aren’t upgrading to a 52 or 252 is a very good place to be.

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What’s the spec of your LP12, your system looks great by the way.

Have you considered an improved power supply for the NDX2, which I take it is the XP5XS and also maybe look at a 250 rather than a 200? What’s the CD player as well?

Lots of upgrades possible at cost, as I am sure you are well aware!

Thanks Dan_M I’ve owned my LP12 for twenty plus years and slowly upgraded. It has an Ittok LV2 arm, Kore, trampolin and Karousel, with a Lingo 3 power supply, cartridge is a Dynavector.

On the Naim upgrade path I’m pretty content at the moment and enjoying the sound. However I will change the XP5XS for an XPS at some point (when funds allow). The power amp will be next, the NAP200 is great for the size of my room however I do fancy a 250 or even a 300!

Final step will be a Fraim but may have to wait till I retire :wink:.

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You’ve got a great system. My LP12 has an original Akito, upgraded and repaired by Audio Origami to a level similar to Ittok/Ekos, Kore, Cirkus, Lingo 1 and Dynavector 10X5, so not dissimilar.

Everything you have in mind with upgrades will bring massive improvements. If you can stretch to a 555PS it will pay dividends. An XPS2 or XPSDR would also make a real improvement. Always a case of budgets. For your system a Fraim will be expensive. I did the brain stack first but then quickly did the brawn stack. Even though some of it was used or ex demo it still cost me the best part of £4500 for two full fraim bases and an additional 8 shelves. Two shelves are fraimlite on the brawn stack but I have added the cups, balls and glass. Big money. But worth it!

I would focus on the power supply upgrade first for the NDX2 and then the power amp.

The rest can follow in due course.

Spot on and that was my path from 282 to hicap to 2 hicaps to supercap to 252…a fun ride!

I did a similar thing, albeit by skipping the second Hicap. For me replacing the single HiCap with an SCDR was a huge improvement. I did that with no intent to ugrade to a 252. But once you have the SCDR the 252 becomes very tempting. In my case the lockdown and absence of vacations made a 252 viable - but you do need to listen to it at home for a while in case it’s not to your taste.