NAC282/NAP200 vs NAC282/NAP250 Vs SN2

Hi All,

I am about to purchase my first proper high end stereo. I love the Naim sound and am debating the following set ups: 282/200, 282/250/HiC and a SN2. I am going to buy secondhand to manage the budget and maximise bang for buck. Will be driving a pair of Focal 1028s.

Love peoples thoughts.

I own the 282/250dr and hicap dr option and it replaced the SN2 with hicap dr. Although I loved the SN2 the former is in a different league


The obvious question is ‘what’s your source?’ The 282/250DR is significantly better than the others but needs an adequate source, otherwise it can sound worse than a less revealing amplifier.


Was intending on starting with a bluesound streamer

Everything else = the 282/250 is going to provide better music. But synergy with source and speakers is really the most important thing.

Good luck.

Hmm. Now I’m an old fart who believes in source first, or system balance. In my experience you don’t use a £500 source with a £10,000 amplifier and expect great sound. I’d suggest that an NDX2 and a Supernait will be a lot more enjoyable than a Node and a 282/250.


This is great advice, really appreciate it. I am intending on adding a phono mc input and cd over time. What streaming source would people go with?

With the amps you are thinking of, the NDX2 would be ideal. If investing in a good streamer, a CD player seems pointless. Of course, you could choose a legacy platform streamer such as the NDX, but it doesn’t have built in Qobuz, for example.


@bbsmi welcome to the forum, I very much echo @hungryhalibut on a balance to the system and a source first approcah

owned both the 202/282 pre amps and they worked with my then 200 very nicely

for me the best advice I can offer is audition with a dealer, have a plan and moreover a budget in mind, if the NDX2 is out of the frame for now, look at SH NDX (which I still use) if a streaming platform is not your main lisening - NDX is still highly capeble with UpNP or IRADIO

Naim is a journey - which we should enjoy and moreover enjoy the MUSIC!

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A few people have mentioned here that the SuperNait3 pushed the sound closer to separates (not all the way of course) versus the SuperNait2. I’ve never heard a 282/250DR combo so can’t say. An NDX2/SN3/HCDR might be combo you want to consider.

I have the SN3, Hi Cap, NDX2, XPS DR set up and it’s very good. The SN3 is very good but the real standout is the NDX2 with the XPS DR.
I’d certainly invest in the NDX2 long term as it will not be outclassed in a 300 system later on.


Have you compared your SN3 bare versus with HCDR?

I ran the SN3 for a few weeks without a Hi Cap as there was a problem.
When installed it brought better detail and focus. Certainly worth the cost.

A problem?

Recently made very evident to me. I have struggle for the longest while think my speakers were the issue. Problem was my system was revealing the weakness of my source. Now I have moved to a TT2 and Mscaler and the synergy is amazing. I am a believer.

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Wiring in the Hi Cap. Naim replaced it.


You should have à more better source than bare bluesound for a 282. To save money you could buy the bluesound and add an external dac as chord hugo, it will cost you more mess than ndx 2 + xps dr.

I was in your situation many years ago, but decided to buy new from a dealer meaning I could audition my options.
I had the funds for the first level seperates system at the time, but didn’t want to show my hand too soon, so asked to audition the Nait5 with CD5, knowing I’d be encouraged by the dealer to listen to the higher levels.
The CD5 with Nait5 was great fun and I really could have lived with it, but an integrated wasn’t my ambition. So in came the 112/150 combo and out went the enjoyment. The dealer could tell I was disappointed so introduced a pre-loved 202/200, but that just made matters worse, with the sound now being harsh.
I had reconciled living with the more accomplished but less enjoyable middle system, when, despite my catagorical statement that I could not possibly afford it, the dealer fronted the 202/200 with a CDX2. Now the fun was back, but with so much more on top.

I blew my budget, of course, but did not regret it.

However, the second best system I listened to that day was the lowest cost one, so as HH, and others have pointed out you need all of the elements of your system to play their part, or you could end up with a high cost stereo that fails to engage.
Given your current considerations I would go for the SN2 and then buy the best Naim source you can afford.
Alternatively, as this will be your “first” proper stereo, maximise the bang for your buck by finding a good dealer and investing in that relationship. I can assure you that for all my dealer has cost me over the intervening years, he has saved me from some very expensive mistakes,


Thanks to everyone that has joined the thread, fantastic advice. What differences can I expect from an NDX to NDX2 to ND5 XS2… I think an NDX2 may be beyond budget. Intuitively given its “new tech” newer is better and so bang for buck a secondhand ND5 XS2 might be close to an ndx…???

I used my 282/HCDR/250.2 system with a Bluesound Node 2 for a while and it was not bad at all. When I replaced the Node with an NDX, there was an appreciable improvement, but I cannot claim that the difference was “night and day”.

I also have a Bluesound Node 2 used as a transport into a Naim DAC feeding a NAC42/NAP110 and that is a very good combination, too. I might compare the NDX vs the Bluesound Node 2/Naim DAC combination when I find the time.

If you have the opportunity, try the Bluesound app and compare it with the Naim app. Both work fine, but the Bluesound app and interface is a lot more convenient.

Bluesound devices are flexible, easy to use and work very well for multi-room sound (great for listening to Internet radio in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. in the morning).

Considering the price of a used Bluesound Node on that auction site, it won’t cost much to try it out and sell it on if you don’t like it.


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