NAC552/552PS vs DR

So in my hunt for an upgrade on the front end I’ve came across a NAC552/552PS meaning a non DR version. It would be a stretch at around 8500GBP but maybe I should just do it… I’ve only seen great feedback on the DR version but how do they differ in performance and is it still a major upgrade from a NAC52/252DR to a newly serviced and recapped NAC552/552PS? Would be partner with my 300DR if so.

the 552DR is quite ahead of the 552 non DR, but this is reflected in the price.

I would buy the 552 non DR version though it is superb.

Having said all this the cost is still a large amount of money for me personally, and I found upgrading my source to be more economical, and gives me more engagement in the music (which is what I am looking for)

You will be using the 272/555 as a source, recently I had the pleasure of listening to a NDX2 bare and then with XPSDR, it was one of the most dramatic upgrades I ever heard in the Naim hierchary, about almost as dramatic as switching from a 282 to a 552DR, but at quite a bit less cost.

Having said all this, the 552 (either version) is a very, very, special preamp and it is only cash that holds me back from buying one.


The problem with a non DR version you can’t (as at now)have it upgraded so if it were me I’d always be thinking about how good it could sound.


Whatever the price is it really needs to include a service not being needed for at least 10 years. As pointed out it also can not be upgraded to a DR any longer. If the price and service is right then it would be a good buy to go with a 300DR.

Edit: Apologies I meant to reply to the OP.

Recap and service made 2021 :+1:

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The service is very reassuring.

Hook it up to an NDS/555DR with your 300DR and you’ll be in audio heaven imho


“Recap and service made 2021””. Pity they didn’t DR it!


I recently bought a 500. Best upgrade I’ve made. Yes I’m sure a 500DR would sound better, but then so would a Statement etc etc infinitum

An NDS would blow away the accomplished streamer in your 272. A 552 likewise.

And an NDS would use both power outputs on your 555DR. It’s a no brainer imo


DAC would be next. One step at a time :smile::pray:
The seller preferred non DR Naim and the price to get a 552 DR is so high I believe most don’t do it. And these days cannot since Naim stopped DR upgrades. At least for now.

I run 552/500 non-DR (bought new when first introduced but recapped/serviced in 2019) through NACA5 into DBLs and do not plan to go the DR-route. Very musical and balanced system. Very satisfied with what I have.


I think of it as more of a difference than a problem, and have no issue accepting the DR is the better.
If DR upgrades are no longer available for the 500 class amp they will remain categorised into two versions of the same amp; non-DR or DR, and both could be sought after for either being far more affordable, or being the very latest spec at more expense.

My non-DR 500s with SBLs don’t stop the music from happening, and regardless to being so totally out of audio budget spending mazuma still remain very happy to be stuck with the wonderful kit i’m fortunate to enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Stuck with 500’s :joy:


The sans DR 500 is a majestic beast

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I went from 252/SuperCapDR to 552 non DR with NDS/PD555DR/250DR, and what an uplift that was.

I then upgraded the NDS to ND555 and later the 250DR to 500DR. Again each of those changes elevated the SQ significantly, so I don’t see the non DR 552 holding things back.

I must admit I had planned to DR the 552 eventually and am a bit disappointed this is not possible, at least at not at the moment. When supply issues subside it might be possible at some point in the future.

Anyway that price for a recently serviced non DR 552 sounds pretty reasonable. How old is it?


@Debs all true I just said how I’d know I would feel.

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Absolutely. You can’t upgrade a 300 to a 500 or an Atom to a Nova or a P8 to a P10 or any speaker to any other speaker. The fact that DR upgrades were available for so long reflects Naim knowing what their customers wanted and being willing to offer it.

Perhaps it would annoy/ tease people less to think of the non-DR 25o as a 240, think of the non-DR 300 as a 260 and think of the non-DR500 as a 450?

Also, Naim has stopped doing these things, so my boxes won’t get a DR. However, there are other companies…


It’s a 2010 build. When came the switch to DR on 552?

  1. So it’s as new as a 552 can be

My 552 is a 2008 and was unserviced when I bought it. I paid quite a bit more than the price you mentioned but I bought it from a trusted dealer and got a good trade-in deal on my 252/SuperCapDR.

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The Naim website says the DR version of the 552 was introduced in 2012.