NACA5 speaker cable with bite marks?

I just purchased 2 x 7m lengths of used NACA5 speaker cable of a trading site. Cable is about 15-18 years old and is terminated at both ends with Naim S8 banana plugs. The soldering looks pretty good to me as do the cables - with one exception. The plastic casing on both has been chewed (I’m guessing by a dog or cat). It doesn’t look like it has been pierced right through to the copper but it’s not possible to be absolutely certain. As the chewing is about 0.9m in from the end on both cables I could have it removed, then re-soldered and end up with 2 x 6m length cables. Any advice on whether I should use as is or remove the chewed section?

Sorry, Uploaded the same image twice. Should have been this one.

I wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest. Soldering is first-class. Leave well-enough alone.

Agree re the soldering - that’s been very nicely done.

More like a rodent than a cat or dog. And the similar position on both suggests it was where they both reached the floor, behind the speakers or rack, right in a mouse run.

Has it gone all the way through to the copper? If not, I’d leave it as is.

Even if it has gone through to the copper personally I would still leave it as it is. Better that than a soldered extra length, although I really doubt that you would ever hear any difference at all, whatever you decide to do.


If 6m is enough, this is an option, as you will then have a little less cable to wrestle with when you instal it. Make sure you get the soldering done by someone who knows what they are doing, though, as it’s easy to mess it up, and the plugs you have now look like they are nicely done.
If you keep the full lengths, I would fill the bite marks just to neaten them up, and eliminate the possibility of any corrosion if there is any copper exposed. I tiny bit of white silicone sealant would be ideal.

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I don’t think it’s gone all the way through to the copper, but a little hard to tell. Sounds like leaving it well alone is a good option.

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If you got it from that auction site does the seller offer returns and was it listed with the damage ? Does not look like like copper is showing but if you are not happy why not send it back ? There is plenty of A5 on that site to choose from so you will not be missing out by sending it back. Just my 2p.

Surely, these rather visible bite marks should have been mentioned by the seller, and I hope the cable was priced accordingly…

Looks like to me that maybe the cable was put under the carpet and the carpet grip has done the damage. Had the same thing done to me but with a telephone cable when the carpet fitters put me down a new carpet.

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Agreed…gripper damage most likely

Ah, that fits it better - although I mentioned rodents, the bite marks seemed too discrete and deep, as they usually gnaw, with multiple scrapes, rather than deeper punctures.

You know a lot about rodent bites. Is there a backstory?

Cat a-5?



Err cats aren’t rodents (at least mostly not in Surrey anyway)…

Could be Rat a5 though…

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Just so long as it isn’t Naca’d


Yeah but yeah but, the lecky 'l leak out the holes

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I had a gnawing feeling this one was going to go as far as forensic DNA analysis from ‘rodent’ saliva, possibly even pinning it down to one of two rodent populations: near the seller’s house, or at the cable factory.

Alas, no!

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