So the recommend length of naim naca5 is 3.5 MTRS per speaker , my speakers are 2.2 MTRS apart so I’ll have approx 2mtrs coiled up doing nothing , surely this can’t be right ? I know that it has to do with the resistance measured per metre but does this still apply to newer equipment . I’m using SN2

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Start here:

Yes, minimum is 3.5 m, OK for you …

The minimum length is perhaps more important with the separate power amps, but all Naim amps are affected to some extent, even Unitis. Also remember that 3.5m is a minimum recommendation, not optimum, which would be at least 5m so I would suggest that it’s best not to cut yours any shorter.


I’d just move the speakers 5 metres apart, easy peasy! :rofl: ATB Peter


As someone who always like his cables to be the perfect and ideal length, this is really something which still bothers me with Naim equipement…it is something which goes through the entire range of cables, especially if you don’t have 2 racks: The DIN5-5 interconnect is always too long and dables on the floor, the Powerline and Burndy is usually too long and of course the NACA5 is always too long, no matter what.
Luckily the latter can folded in a tidy manner but it takes some space to hide the excess cable length.


Wow like I’d never though about extending my property by an extra 5m !!!
Not a very helpful comment really was it!

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Thankyou :+1:t3:

The burndies, yes they dictate the whole of the room layout😆

I think we have to start with the assumption that most people do not understand this - and a minority are simply unwilling to do so…

Its a very common question - and always seems to go of at tangents - and often ends badly… :thinking:

No idea how to deal with this…

Inductance… Capacitance… Witchcraft…?

On the bright side, the current Uniti range is more forgiving - 3m is fine there.

And it’s something we continue to look at as we develop new products.


If the NAC A5 ends badly then that will definitely affect sound quality……


I have a some understanding of it that’s why I’ve asked for help from the forum and to give me a little more insight into the whole cable thing . Looks like I’m looking at a min of 3.5. but actually 2x 5m runs is probably the ideal length . Just needed a little clarity before I purchase . Will be using the dedicated Naim plugs at amp end and soldered plugs at speaker end to get the best from them . Time will tell

@davidhendon - Brilliant…!!! I got it… :wink:

You can simplify things. Assume that Naim amps are in fact magikal - and contain faeries and witches… And these faeries & witches like cables of at least 3,5 metres in length… just because they do. And if you ignore them, they will do nasty things to you…

If you need proof, why is the Naim turntable called the Solstice…?

Its Witchcraft… :wink:

PS. I have 8 metres runs of NAC-A4 (yes, A4 not A5 - !!) and these have kept my own Naim faeries and witches happy and content since 1982…


Wow :rofl:

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I can retire when I sell it.


Hahaha that is a lot of cable , I would have to try and hide mine as it would be a lot more visible given how the speakers are positioned .

It’s in my home office, I’m sitting between my loudspeakers here in Teams meetings. The thing is that somehow longer runs sound better. I have 3.5 m, 5m, 10m and 12m runs of A5 and the 12m sound best.

There is a plan to route it under the floor. I’ve a hatch already.

I think it was meant humorously, made me smile.

I use a NAP140 in my nearfield system, and so like you have a lot of extra cable! Fortunately it is hidden behind the desk.

I would experiment with how you tidy it. Coiling it can effect the sound quality.

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