Naim 222. Analogue Power Failure

Naim 222. Any ideas what’s causing this message. Everything lights up as normal, display shows album and volume, everything as normal except no music!

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Perhaps a clue of what is connected to it would help as your profile is hidden. Do you have an NPX300 powering the 222 or is it using its own internal PSU ?

Errrrr shouldn’t be hidden?, I’ll see to that. Yes NPX300 powering and have NVCTT phono with NPXTT powering from Rega P10…

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I’d power the NPX300 down and check the Burndy connections between that and 222 and see how that goes.


Does the streamer work or is it all down?

Are we playing hide and seek?..……your still hidden :blush:

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This sounds very like what happened when my NPX 300 powered NSC 222 couldn’t find my internet radio favourites as Vtuner was down (again). Basically the 222 was spamming itself with error messages and the startup sequence couldn’t complete (cf previous whingy emails regarding NC’s poor error handling code :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

Anyways, is the NPX 300’s logo illuminated? Mine was not during the above issue, suggesting secondary problems with NC system automation, controlled via one of the 300’s Burndies, analogue I think.

I reset the 300, to no real effect, leaving a complete power down by switching off the mains (not recommended) my only option and then await the return of Vtuner.

I guess other resets, power offs are available……. Not a great look for a £10k+ combo though. Look forward to a firmware update……

Good luck,


PS if you reset the 222, you have to reconfigure all your preferences etc. Worth avoiding if at all possible.

I think I would put the Link plugs back in and reset everything to verify the 222 is functioning

Does the system power down correctly if you press and hold the 222’s power button for 3 or more seconds?

If it does, I suggest disconnecting the Burndies from the 222 and then try resetting the NPX 300 and NAP 250, pressing the small button on the rear of each unit for more than 3 seconds. When they restart, power each one off using their front power buttons, reconnect the Burndies to the 222 and try powering it all back on using the 222’s power button.

If that does not work, looks like a call/visit to the dealer is next.

Again, good luck.


Thanks all for suggestions so far. Profile updated and now should be unhidden.

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All down, streamer not working

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Maybe remove npx and replace link plug and check 222 standalone

If you can’t get music from any source I’d consider removing the burndies and reinserting the link plugs and see if you get the streamer to work with just the 222/250.

So here’s a strange one…I unplug the NSC TT (via Morgana I/C phono to Din) from 222 and Streamer working again, so I replug Morgana Din back into 222 and suddenly everything back to normal. Problem solved, worth adding to the Black Magic Voodoo Hints & Tips Appendix that one… :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your suggestions.


Thank you.

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Oh dear, the problem returns, after owning Naim gear for 25 years, you’d think I’d be used to this by now…time to contact my dealer I guess…:frowning:

I wonder if the Morgana cable is the cause. Do you have a different one you can try? Does it all work if you power the phono stage direct from the powered socket?

As this is all ‘new’ stuff… a definite Yes from me.

I will also admit to concern of the mention of Pointy Hat interconnects. Try removing them.

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