Naim 5.1 system

I got the opportunity to purchase a 155XS (2 channel) Naim 3 channel amp and a AV2 cheaply. I know the AV2 is only audio but that doesn’t worry me as I run everything via a the smart tv. I’d only be running the audio into the AV2.

Just wondering if there’s anyone with any experience or advice.

Save your pennies for your house build mate !!

This is part of the budget

Ha - don’t know anything about the AV but I had the n-Vi at one stage - didn’t last long

Give me the money and I’ll look after it for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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So you’re no help then. :rofl::rofl:

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Give our mate a call before you do anything

Who do you think I’m talking to. I’ve never bought Naim from anyone else.

Ha ha won’t be cheap enough :crazy_face::crazy_face:

I once have owned AV2, NAP 175 and Nap200, then a Nait XS. To be honest, I owned two AV2s.
What can I say? It worked. Of course an AV2 today is, in terms of AV updates, prehistoric; but I liked it.
If you want a multi-channel affordable system with a pleasant green logo on it, why not.
I even liked using my DV5 into the AV2’s digital input more than in analogue into preamp with a HiLine.
I was an audio freak by then, but who isn’t.

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It’s a risky buy these days as the processor boards were 3rd party and if they go wrong (when?) then that’s it, although you may still be able to use it in analogue with an external processor, which likely makes more sense these days anyway. Fwiw, I love the AV2…

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I’ve an AV2 and it works great. One thing to consider is that the AV2 does not process modern formats like Dolby digital plus or Atmos. If your streamer can send a downmixed signal you’re good though.

Somehow av material send through the AV2 sounds better!

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I’m virtually getting the AV2 for free so there’s not much “risk” involved

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Yup they go cheap.

It can almost entirely be operated with the dial and two buttons. The interaction with the device is a masterpiece of design.

It’s currently operated only in stereo here but I’m looking to get rear speakers again once the evenings get shorter and interesting series start appearing this fall.

I’m eying a Nvidia Shield as a new streamer.

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I’m getting the AV2 for free it’s the 2 amps that interest me. If the AV2 fails I’ll just replace it with a AV pre amp

If it’s working and I only use it for audio and only using a digital in and one analog it can’t be that bad. Looking at the manual it’s seems quite complicated so I’d aim to set and forget.

The amps are very good.

Tbh that’s what I’m after, I’ll probably replace the AV2 in a year or so anyway.

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Whenever I see what an AV2 is going for, I’m mightily tempted to get one and continue to use my Denon AV amp for processing and go all-Naim on the power amp front for my 5.1 system. It’s most unlikely I’ll ever upgrade it to 7.1 or better, so why not?


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Apart from getting at a knock down price do you really need it ?