Naim 72 pre amp

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hope someone can help. Ive recently purchased a Naim 72/Hicap/140 combo. Both the Hicap and 140 seem to power up ok, but the 72 is dead no matter what combo of cabling I use. Does anyone have any experience of this or could point me in the right direction


How are you connecting it?

I take it you have a SNAIC5 between 72 and Hicap and SNAIC4 between hicap and 140 ?

Have you tried just the 72/140 (using a SNAIC4 between) - remember to put the link plug back in the ‘Output to Hicap’ socket.

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Hi, I’ve tried going via 5 pin to the the hicap and going direct to the 140 using the 4 pin.

Hi, yes Ive tried using both snaic5 and snaic4. Can you clarify what you mean by link plug, I think maybe I have something missing.

If you are powering the NAC72 from the Hicap you must not connect the SNAIC4 between the NAC72 and the NAP140, otherwise damage can result. You need to take signal out of the Hicap, as per the manual and connect the SNAIC 4 between Hicap and NAP140.

As James suggests, try taking the Hicap out of the chain, refitting the link plug in the NAC72 and powering the NAC72 from the NAP140.

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This is the link plug when using a 140 to power the 72.

when you say the 72 is dead - nothing lights up and no sound ?

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Here’s what the link plug looks like…

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thanks both. I don’t have the plug. Its completely dead no sound or lights. Ill try and get the plug I guess!

If you have a Hicap and a Snaic 5 you don’t need the link plug. If you connect the two with the Snaic 5 and the 72 doesn’t light up, something is wrong with one or other of the units.

Or maybe there’s a fault with the SNAIC5. Having the link plug would help in the diagnosis.

You can get a link plug from a Naim dealer or online from Tom Tom audio. Any chance you can take the kit back to where you bought it from and get it checked out ?

Also, if it has been couriered at all then it could be that the internal daughter boards have come loose in the NAC72. If you unscrew the feet and carefully slide out the inner sled (be careful of the fascia when you do this - it can chip easily) you can then check to ensure each board is properly located.

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It’s worth undoing the plugs to check that all the wires are connected to the pins.

thanks, all was a private sold as seen sale so can’t take them back, but that fine I’m sure ill work it out. Ive checked the boards they are all seated albeit somewhat loose some of them, and the connector looks ok to the din. I wonder if some of the caps have gone which is a bit beyond me…

The boards will appear a bit wobbly even when securely plugged into the main board. Even if caps were suspect, i’d still expect the display to come on so i expect the issue is elsewhere. Definitely try the 72/140 only (with a link plug in) and also it’s worth checking that the SNAIC5 and 4 are genuine Naim items. Have a look in the connection guide here

Curious, if it came with a hi-cap then it doesn’t need the link plug…

More likely to be a blown fuse in the hi-cap or NAP 140 IEC plug drawer, easy thing to check : )

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thanks have checked both they seem ok, both light up. In fact when I have the three in sequence there is a significant hum…thats the 72/hicap/140

Which input have you connected a source to and what is it?

Perhaps stating the obvious but do not connect a line level source to the phono input and potentially the aux input (you may have a 5 pin DIN CD input rather than Aux) - both could be customised with the drop in boards mentioned earlier which as noted might have come loose in transit - the case is pretty easy to open, worth checking what the boards inside are.

The 72 is a fine pre even if you need to get it or other parts serviced.


Your best course of action is to get somebody to look at it who knows about Naim - a long established Naim dealer would be a good bet.