Naim 82/180 with spendor sp1/2


I`ve upgraded 72/140/HC to 82/180 (w/o HC) and spendor sp1/2
82 and 180 has serviced each in 2017 / 2023

Ive shortly use spendor sp1/2 with nait2 olive , thats good for me,
but, the sound is somewhat rigid and the high notes are emphasized. In other words, the mid and low are relatively weak .
I’m wondering if I need time because 180 just got serviced, or if 1/2 and my system don’t match.
Is HC helps this?

I don’t listen to music with strong beats or large-scale music. I usually listen to jazz vocals or calm music.

I also think that damping or power is too much for this speaker.
I’d like to hear your experiences and opinions.

thanks in advance.


As the 180 has just been serviced, it will take a little while to run in. The sound you describe does suggest that it’s a run in issue. Give it two weeks and see how it sounds then.

Regarding the Hicap, it’s unfortunate you no longer have your old one. It makes a very significant different to the 82. Maybe an olive Supercap is possible? They are not too expensive.

I’d also be a little concerned about the Node. Your system deserves a really good digital source; an ND5XS2 will go perfectly with your nDac.

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Thats a shame - sold to fund what you have, maybe…? Recc’d you aim to replace it.

Power is not too much - if anything, its too little - for such big, 3 way speakers. Get the HiCap sorted, then look for a 250 - any 250.

The 82 i a bit in your face and far from dark sounding which I guess might have something to do with your results. It also sounds much better with a hicap.

If it’s a matter of 180, that’s a relief. I’ve only been running this for 4 days now after service. I’ll be waiting.

And I’ll look for highcap or supercap.
Thank you.

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yes. for funding. and as you see. my rack has not the roo for them.
I heard that spendor sp1/2 goes well just nait1/2
so I think power of 180 maybe too much


ok. you mean hicap help the sound of 82 is less light ?

Your rack seems to have both 72 and 82? Do you need both?

that’s nait 2 but i’ve sold it

I disagree. But… YMMV.

You would benefit from a hicap before doing anything else.

It’s very hard to have too much power. I’d be inclined to agree with @IanRobertM that a 250 would very likely be more appropriate. While a Nait can make them work, a more powerful amplifier will bring much better control and dynamics. The first thing is to get a Hicap or Supercap.

Perhaps not less light but less harsh.

HC is same size as Nait, maybe it would go there?

I have used and still use various combinations of olive Naim. A power supply always adds depth and control. I haven’t tried 82 bare though.

Hence I agree with others: hicap (serviced)


I can hardly find the serviced hicap in here South Korea
the only way is digging ebay but I’m going to keep looking. thanks-!


That’s absolute TOP and hard to beat. A bare 82/180 is not an upgrade. It has been pointed out already that a ps for the pre is needed first.

72/140/hicap is one of the little great setups.

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Worldpeace is just a small step away.

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Have a look at the Tomtom Audio website, they specialise in second hand Naim equipment, but all recently serviced.

I hope that you have mains in Korea at 240V as we do in the UK? All TomTom equipment will be at this voltage.

(I have no financial interest at all in TomTom - I’m just a very satisfied customer, having bought from them in the past, and currently waiting for James to send me a new pair of Kestrel-built LS3/5A monitors.)

thanks for the information.
we use 220v as same as UK 240v
I’m going to check that site