Naim and ART

There are few manufacturer specific speaker threads on here so I wondered what people’s thoughts are on Naim and ART.

I have been using the same pair of Emotion Monitors now for over 6 years and they still sound quite special to me.

Not here to preach about ART speakers (although I could) but just wondering if anyone else uses them or has experience of them and their thoughts.

And I was thinking of this …


Hi Rich,
Yes, still have the ART Alnico 8.3 Signatures and absolutely love them.
No plans to change them or even fit the super diamond tweeters due to mixed feedback from those who have tried.

I’ll post a picture soon.


ART speakers, I know a bit about ART speakers. I had a pair of Emotions and then a pair of Deco 20’s.

Initially they were designed for low powered valve amps and then I was one of the first to partner them with a Naim 552/500.

I enjoyed them for over 10 years, I had my fun and games with them and there are many large threads on the old forum.

All things move on and I now have Kudos Titan 808’swhich IMO improve on the Deco’s in every area.

I have to admit, when I saw the thread title, that’s just what immediately sprang to mind.

Obviously neither of you know much about ART speakers then :joy:

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That’s Art, not ART :joy:

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would be better to name « Naim and Art speakers «

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I did the upper case ART for a reason. Perhaps this actually sums up ART. Beloved by some who have heard them but mainly unknown by everyone else!

Blues fan: I would love to see those photos. I was offered a pair of 8.3s a year ago for an incredible price. Couldn’t afford it at the time though and missed out. I have an idea that if I could get a pair then they might be my last pair of speakers ever!

I thought you were talking about paring a naim pre-amp with conrad johnson power amp

conrad johnson art amplifers, for some who have not understood

I believe that they (ART) are manufactured just up the road from me in Troon on the west coast of Scotland…they do some nice kit.

Those are the guys - the Dunlop brothers.

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Got me as well.

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I’ve liked ART speakers since hearing Steve S1’s Emotion Monitors a few years ago. Just lovely speakers and beautifully made. A big regret was not picking up a pair of virtually new Alinco 8’s that were going for a silly price a while back in the pink place and could have been sold on for no loss if they didn’t work. Styling seems a bit awry at times - the new Dram monitor in white looks to me like a central heating boiler with its top mounted port.

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The promised picture of Naim and ART Alnico 8.3 Signature speakers.

Best regards, BF


I do love those speakers - very nice :sunglasses:

Thank you James.
Re-painting the living room walls from “mustard yellow” to Calke Green has helped to highlight the beauty of the oak veneer. We are delighted.

Best regards, BF

Yes that colour combination does look extremely good and works really well. Nice work !

Of Systemdek fame.