Naim and atc scm40a

Complete newbie here.
I recently heard some Naim equipment and was very impressed. I currently own a paid of ATC40A active speakers and wonder if these could be used with the Naim ND5 XS or the Naim ND 555? what other items would I need to enable this the ATC,s . Has anyone got this set up?
Any help would be much appreciated.

With any of the ND players you’d also need a preamp. You could however get a 272 and it would match with the ATCs by itself.

Having owned a pair of ATC SCM40 mk2 passive speakers. I would recommend you go and listen to a Auralic Vega G2. One of it’s advantages ,besides sounding exceedingly good (no free cakes with it)over the 272, is that it has XLR balanced outputs. Thus, giving a direct connection to your ATC’s.

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As has already been mentioned the 272 is a viable option for active ATC speakers and I use one very happily with mine, the Auralic options do catch my eye now and again though…

I can recommend this Auralic/ATC combo, it is what I have now.
The Vega 2 beats the 272, on SQ even with an XPS, but Both sound pretty good IMO.

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Totally agree. I wanted to go to the actives, but had to concede that the passives, which I owned, were too much for my room. Gutted, because the Vega and 40 actives, would have saved me a lot of money.

You could try active 19,s smaller , may be better suited.

The 19a uses the same cabinet as the 40a so it’s no smaller. Possibly still better in a small room though, with the 2 way design.

That’s not correct. The 19 has a 19 litre cabinet while the 40’s is - no surprise - 40. The cabinets may be the same size overall but in the 19A over half is a stand.

I’m talking about the external dimensions of the cabinets, which are identical.

Great, thanks, it just read in a way that could be misinterpreted. By me anyway.

Perhaps my reply was a little short on detail, but I can understand why the 3-way SCM40a may be a bit much in some smaller rooms sonically. So the 19s could be a better alternative in that respect, but to my eyes, they still look like a large box which visually would dominate a small room. Especially with those cabinets, which while being solidly built, are not as nicely finished as the pro models like the SCM20.

The domestic series cabinets are made overseas and bought in large numbers to keep the price down. The pro series cabinets are all made by ATC here in the U.K. to a higher standard and price. I asked to borrow some 20ASLTs to try once but there weren’t any available. So I didn’t try them.

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The bizarre thing, is that PMC Twenty5 26 works in my room. They are not small, by any stretch of the imagination and my back, when I move them :worried:

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I enquired about the 20 ASLT a few years ago to an established ATC dealer in the South East who said why would you and that he’d never seen a pair . They were more for the Asian market he said . I must admit they look quite smart though. Having owned ATC’s Passive and Active I would stay with the Entry Series unless I was looking at Classic 50’s at least .

If I didn’t own the best speakers I’ve ever heard I’d certainly be trying the 19A as well as the 20. The 20 is more than twice the price I believe. But in a bigger room I imagine the 40 would be great.

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I never realised that, but just checked and same dimensions !

Thanks for alI the responses they are much appreciated. I already have the ATC scm40’s and have been using them with a MOON Mind 380D . Hva e spoken to my local dealer and will have a listen to the Naim 272 together with his suggestion a LInn Akurate DSM both using the ATC’s

I currently have a Kudos C20 in my 6x4,5m living room and I’m tempted to try an ATC SCM40A together with my 282. What may I expect? Are this ATC so good as they are reviewed everywhere?

Is the LInn Akurate DSM both streamer+Dac and pre-amp right?