Naim and the KISS principle. The end of multiple boxes!

Is naim on the path of ditching multiple boxes and adopting the KISS principle. Surely the future is to compact as much tech into a small box but still retaining its signature sound. It’s it’s even a question of aesthetics. Multiple boxes, I dare say, are just an eyesore these days when I look at some systems on the System Pictures these days.
I’ve seen the future.:sunglasses:


The Future is one box:

and eco ( no need of any elastic trickery ) :smile: :+1:


Maybe two. Let us not be that radical but 6,8 10,12 boxes!? Give it a rest! :sunglasses:


Each to their own - some like massed ranks of black boxes, some don’t. Some want to maximise sound quality regardless, others don’t. Some want simplicity, others are happier playing with complex things. Some people like minimalism, others don’t.

A savvy manufacturer might seek to benefit from all of these… Adding more options doesn’t adversely affect anyone.

As for the future, I thought that would be a direct connection plugged into a socket fitted to our heads - no need for speakers or amps at all for “hearing” perfect sound!


@Tony Perhaps you might have taken the time to read ALL THE OTHER threads on this subject, before adding yet another new thread on the same subject? Several related threads have been started this week!

There is no one way. Some favor one box. Some multiple.


There is room for both approaches and Naim with the new classic range now gives the option to have a great “separates” system without separate power supplies and an excellent one with power supplies. Both are equally valid choices.


Short answer is No, but the range has been simplified and now extended by implimentation of a wider range of technologies (like Class D amplification in the Nova PE).
You can currently buy a brand new 300 Series system that can include 8 seperate boxes (6 without the NPX/NVC TT) if you so desire.
300 Series - 4/6/8 boxes
200 Series - 2/3 boxes

If you mix and match between series you can add more numbers accordingly!

If all that makes your head hurt a Mu-so product is a suitable cure, all that requires is a power cord and IP connectivity.


Do you only count in two…and to twelve? You would struggle with my x boxes on four stacks of Fraim.

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One box has certainly become a clear lifestyle choice for some. iPhone or even back in the days of a walkman, all single box.

My first amplifier was an Armstrong 521, so that dates my first involvement with hifi somewhat.
LP12 still years away from being born. I had tape decks, cassette and reel-reel, so always multi-box - speakers followed later (which I still have, recently updated, MA3), headphones in the interim.
It may follow that those of us who have been, indeed still are tape aficionados, may well be more used, comfortable with, all the extra boxes. I now there are a few tape enthusiast on the forum, but @Richard.Dane 's stack of Fraim comes to mind and there will be others.

I remember well my first experience of multi box systems at a Naim dealer in the south of England, demonstrating into Linn Isobariks. Little beyond cinema and limited tv, so hobby enthusiasts enjoyed the journey. At that time, with newly released LP12, a popular lp for the demo, was a Decca 1977 recording of Star Wars with Zubin Mehta and the LA Phil. Of significance was the reverse side, with the Suite from Close Encounters. I wasn’t present, but the story goes, that turn the wick up on Close Encounters opening few bars…the Isobariks has to be rebuilt. Thereafter the dealer involved, kept total guard on the volume control.

In a sense, they were truly a different time, when multi box appeared. Naim as well as other uk firms, grew from very small beginnings, likely seriously undercapitalised and developed their products piecemeal. Linn grew from an engineering company, there may be others in a similar way, but i think the majority were small acorns, many of which sadly have fallen by the wayside.

So multi box in some respects, were a symptom of how things developed. When active emerged, it was “add another box”, power supply required, add again. Whilst a single box is ideal for many, I sometimes think that too vigorous a commentary on multi box being old hat, ignores the long gestation to get to where, since we are the Naim forum, Naim have reached. By not chopping and changing model ranges in short order, they are able to support almost all of their historical product line. The newer one box offerings from several manufacturers don’t carry forward that ethos.


No, Naim are trying to cater for all.

Some people will want a one box system and some people will want a multi box system.

That way where ever you are in the Hi-Fi chain you should find something to suit your requirements which will give you good sound.

Linn have also done a similar thing.



Seems Lenny and Derek had no trouble then, Tony, with the S400s on the tight turn at the top of the stairs, outside room twelve at the care home :-)))

I’m glad the Nova has worked for you and I’m delighted with my XS range separates.


And a lovely system it is! I also prefer my three XS boxes over a Uniti range device.

To my eyes a stack with slimline boxes looks the parts as well.

One of the reasons (other than pure sound quality) i have purposely not gone down the integrated Pre-Streamer (NSC 222) route as opposed to keeping the streamer and pre separate is for obsolescence.

What is state if the art today in the digital domain almost certainly won’t be in 10 years time. Amps tend to not age at the same rate. My pre and power amps will now see me to ‘the end’.

This argument also applies to a single box system. I genuinely think they have less longevity.


A very valid point. It will be interesting to look back in a decades time. Original Naim streamers had in mind local streaming - thus little need for memory capacity.

I wonder if the next decade, given that streaming has been around a decade at least already, will be quite the same progress?

In the sense, one box, excluding NSC222, which of course isn’t a true one box, then SU, Nova, even Muso and Qb, are at lower price points. Replaceability is not on the scale of NDX/252/NC333/NSS332 level kit. Perhaps an interesting question is are any of the one box bought for longevity?

That is why Linn have chosen the modular route for their Selekt DSM.

Similar principle to being able to upgrade the LP12 in components, rather than having to trade the whole deck in.


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Of course they are. You don’t spend over £400 on a Nova, or indeed £800 on a Qb, and not expect it to be around a good while. They are expensive items, to me anyway.


Spot on, a bit like digital cameras
The optics were optimised in the analogue era but the imaging is still evolving

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DG that is a very recent innovation on Linn’s part.
I had Linn long before Naim - more compact and to some degree cheaper units, plus given I was abroad for quite a period at the time.
I’ve also been fortunate to do both Naim and Linn factory visits. With experience of both and similarly the lack of Linn customer service levels compared to Naim, I have serious reservations.
Linn binned their forum big time; we are guests of Naim, so while I am one of those very pleased you have found your audio nirvana, I hope to convey politely, that I struggle with the extended push of Linn.
Naim may have no realistically no alternative, with one notable exception, if they have believed to date, that one box can achieve the Naim sound, they would have reached that end point. Minimalist is commendable, logistical but doesn’t appeal to those of us that enjoy our existing systems.
There is no one size fits all. I apologise if I have misconstrued this, but it seems those of us with multi box systems have become…shall I get my hat?


HH I am not sure if we are at cross thoughts here? The one box systems have been replaced a lot more frequently than NACs, NAPs et al? The longevity of NDX iirc was greater than SU v Nova.
A similar angle to @Sinewave 's point.
I would also suggest one box longevity, which I admit I didn’t clarify might be ten years, the seperate boxes 20 years + !
Of course they are expensive items, I had no intention to suggest otherwise, but they have the associated weak link, by being all in one.
Incidentally I still have my original SU but I would replace it only if I can have one at your price point!

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Not sure I fully understand all of that.

But that’s the nice thing about our hobby of Hi-Fi, trying different things to see if we like them.

Where I have been and now is a far cry from when I started on my Hi-Fi journey in the 1970s.

Now running two systems and happy with both, but who knows what the future will bring with new innovations and products to pique our interest.

In the meantime, let’s continue to enjoy the Hi-Fi and music.

Keep playing the Jazz.