Naim and Tidal app interaction bug

On a iPhone 12, up to date.

I’ve reproduced this a few times.

Problem: when moving between the Tidal app and the Naim app, the Naim app fails to see my server (a Unitiserve).

Solution: close down the Tidal app (or reboot the iPhone) and the server appears.

Anyone else seeing this?

Copying in @tomvamos for Naim software team visibility

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Any news on this? Still happening.

We have a legacy product firmware update in test right now - due in next week or so.

Not sure if that’ll fix that specific issue, but I know it has a lot of TIDAL-related elements.

That firmware update doesn’t apply to Unitiserve Clare, unless there is a specific legacy server firmware update that hasn’t hit the beta test group yet.

I don’t think @Richard has said what streamer he is using but that could be covered by the forthcoming legacy update of course…



Unitiserve into a 1st gen Muso.

Issue is also reproducible on an iPad.

Ah well 1st gen muso is a different firmware yet again, so I should just wait to see what emerges in the coming weeks (as a beta tester I’m not allowed to say…)


Firmware 2.0.0 has not fixed this issue.

Hi @Richard

Based on that Naim app vs Tidal app have no knowledge of each other running on the iPhone, I would point the finger at the Wifi router having very limited capabilities. Free routers from Internet Providers have a history of extremely limited capabilities just enough to do some internet surfing.

Can you provide details of the router being used? I think the source of the problem is there.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve, it is a FRITZ!Box 7530 which I’ve had for about 16 months. Both the Mu-so and the Unitiserve are connected to it by cable.

However the issue has only started to occur recently.

Hi @Richard

Check out this article:

See section 7 about diagnosing multicast issues. Based on what you describe this all points to a multicast issue on the network, so ssdp discovery messages get lost inside the router. Often its triggered where Apple update their OS, which in turn exposes niche networking issues in the router.

Unfortunately it is one of the more complex sides of networking and often its easier to just replace the wifi router than try and work out what is going on.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Thanks Steve. Since the issue is (relatively) easy to fix at my end I’ll live with it.

Fritzbox routers are relatively uncommon in the UK, yet they seem to crop up here fairly regularly in posts reporting networking issues. That’s just a casual observation, but maybe they’re not the best choice.

Supplied by Zen, when I went FTTP.

I’m reluctant to spend a lot of money (? - I have no idea how much) to fix a trivial problem.

Steve, to be clear do you think that the router is also the cause of a similar problem, related on this thread, by myself and others?

Sure, if you can live with it then maybe best to just accept its limitations. Also there’s a lot to be said for keeping an ISP supplied router as updates and support from them becomes smoother. I tend to keep them for that reason, but disable the WiFi and use third party products for LAN use over which I then have more control.

They are frequent in Germany and well regarded, I have used several versions over decades and never a problem. They are also more capable than most ISP- supplied ones over here, so more scope for messing it up I guess

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Yes, I’m aware that they are common in Germany. I’m just mildly suspicious of them given the regularity with which they crop up here in network problem posts, but of course there will more than likely be hundreds of them out there working well for every one that causes issues.

I’m sure they have bugs, too, as the one above. I just never encountered one in my use cases - just one additional datapoint. Just saying that they don’t have the reputation of being cheap trash

Just to report that, following the app update to 5.22.2 and a Mu-so reset, I have deleted and reinstalled the Tidal app.

The problem detailed above - that my server (Unitiserve) was not visible unless I closed the Tidal app - has disappeared. Perhaps it wasn’t the router after all?

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