Naim app, again, and mu-so 2

Currently the problem is the app doesn’t connect and I get a “streamer not responding” message in the app. This seemed to start when I manually turned on the mu-so 2, using the physical dial, to launch one of the preset streams, Jazz 24 as it happens. I’ve rebooted the router and the phone, Oneplus 7T using Android 13.

Luckily, I can launch my mu-so 2 from standby with the Tidal app, so the unit is connected and fine. I suspect unplugging it again will bring back the app and we’ll be good again for a couple of weeks.

After rebooting the router, you should have then rebooted the muso 2. Let the router fully restart before turning the muso 2 on again. I would restart the app at this point too.

Thank for replying. I have carried out a reboot of my access point and router.

So happening again, I looked at my DHCP tables on both the router and access point, the Mu So is connected with strong signal, so is my phone. The app finds and turns on the Mu So, but the interface doesn’t go any further. Mu so wifi indicator is white, DHCP tables say everything is connected with strong signal.

I know two additional facts, in this state I could easily open the Tidal app on my phone and activate Tidal connect on the Mu so without problem, and secondly, all this will be resolved when I turn off the Muso unplug and plug back in, and restart my app.

I had a couple of months of no problems with the exact same network/wifi configuration.

It appears to me that either the app is buggy, or the Mu so wifi is buggy or the interaction between the two leads to a stalled state. The only other issue is that this started about the time I activated my Tidal 90 day trial. I hope Naim is working on updated firmware and their app which has a lot of bad reviews on Google Play.

I am using app version 6.11, and I see a minor patch has been realesed bumping it to 6.12 but after four days that patch hasn’t been rolled out to Android…

This topic should have been in this thread, my bad.

That minor patch released for the IOS app was for “a minor reporting issue” that presumably wasn’t there and needing patching on Android.

I think I’ve narrowed the problem down for myself. It appears that the naim app/Muso player connection is broken somehow by using Tidal connect. Particularly, in starting play from the Tidal app on my phone and selecting the Muso as the output location.

There may be other scenarios where streaming Tidal on the Muso results in a disconnect, or perhaps more accurately, a sync issue between the app and the player, where the menu options don’t come up in the app, but I am able to bring the Muso out of standby with the app, but the app goes no further than that. They’re still connected, just the app fails. I can bypass the app in this condition with the Tidal or Spotify app to stream those services.

To regain functionality of the app I have to unplug the Muso and restart the app. I haven’t tried to do a pinhole reset. This is just a trial period with Tidal, which I won’t be using in the future anyway, it just doesn’t “get me” and the curation is poor for some genres, the glitch notwithstanding.

Hope this helps.

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