Naim App and iOS 16

Same issue here. Mildly frustrating that this hasn’t been identified during iOS 16 beta stage. Other apps (Foobar, mConnect) have this already sorted on iOS 16 - or have not been impacted. Hoping for a quick fix.

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I wonder if you include 172xs as a legacy streamer…except my green screen has died and I can’t see anything. Which isnt a problem if the Naim app can see my server…which like many others with ios16…it can’t rebooted everything I can think of and still no joy. Felix

172XS is included as a legacy streamer. You set compatibility mode in the app settings, so you don’t need the screen for that.

just like me

Great. Thanks for that. I may be being dumb. But where exactly in the app settings is it?

And apologies…I’ve just found it

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Well I have an nds and can’t find compatibility mode either. Ive clicked through all the options in settings (the cog in the top right corner of the app) and can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone please direct me to it?

Hi MrHappy ……
settings>Input Settings>UPnP>UPnP compatibility mode


Thanks Mike-B Now working on my iphone after a week of using only the ipad. :+1:

Same thing happening to me on a NDX with an iPhone XS and IOS 16, media servers take an age to show but all fine on old iPad.

Has there been an update from Naim yet ?

No, but …… As I understand it the main problem is with Apple & they do seem to be in a bit of a mess.
There have already been 16.0.1 & 16.0.2 updates to correct issues, & that’s in just a few days of the initial 16 release.
iPadOS 16 was held & not released, they just released a security related 15.7. Now it looks like it will be going straight to 16.1 for the first iPadOS release.
Maybe @Will has some new news.

If all that is required is an extra package entitlement added (to allow multicast on local network) and app version update then I wonder why this hasn’t happened?

Maybe it has and it’s awaiting approval for release to App Store…

Don’t forget that @Will already told us the workaround for legacy streamers (like NDX). You just have to put upnp compatibility mode on. It’s in upnp-input settings in setup in the Naim app.

I just updated to iOS 16.0.2, but that did not resolve the issue.

iOS 16 is all kinds of pain I am finding, random freezes of apps including the phone app.

Yes, same here. Naim iPhone app takes an age (10 minutes or so) to connect to MinimServer ( as well as other servers that I don’t really use for music) on Synology NAS. mConnect app connects to everything immediately.

Selecting “Server mode” (Settings>Other settings>Server mode) got things working for me.

(iPhone 13Pro, iOS16.0, NDX2, Synology DS220j NAS running Asset)



That’s odd, as what you have done is, as you probably know, turned on the internal UPnP server that runs on the NDX2. No obvious reason why that would have any effect on an external server, but if it works, who cares.
You will, of course, use a bit more power as this prevents the main PSU from shutting down when the streamer goes into standby.

Fair point, I hadn’t thought of the power implications - though in my case it runs off an XPS-DR so perhaps it makes little difference in practical terms - but I did know what the function was for.

Anyway, it might not be a perfect fix but its allowing me to play a tune off the server which wasn’t the case before. It might also be a pointer to the cause of the problem.



My experience with both my 13 Pro Max and my old 10, both on iOS 16, is that the Naim app found my ND555 pretty much instantly. I use Roon and the entire package has been just fine for me.

(I use the Naim App to control volume. I dont run a UPnP server these days; just Roon.)