NAIM App and Qobuz

You need to sort your network out then you won’t see those problems again.



I had to sort out some " shortfalls" in my WiFi network to get the best from the Naim app. As I say, it’s not perfect ( works better with apple stuff). But for driving my ND5XS2 and pulling files from my Nas, it’s almost there.
The whole " integration" thing with Roon didn’t appeal. Integration for me is similar to having a hold over me. And it’s not a bad USP to have. But I got annoyed with US styled bios and album info. Describing Yazoo as Yaz was one example. And, to be honest I didn’t need it.
Maybe it’s because I have only one end point, and still use a TT for 40% of my listening that I was not hooked.
Do yes, I’m sure Naim know the shortfalls with their app, and it’s a question of priorities if they choose to fix it.

Hi David,
You mean the wifi modem part? As the rest is full copper and conecting the nd5xs2 straight to the modem,by-passing the Cisco’s, didn’t improve anything in this case. Using apple ipad or android tabled , phone makes no diverence in functionallity, though apple ipad work better than the android devices.
Any sugestions welcome.


Also did some checks with the Lan analize application (Recomended by Simon Suffolk) on this forum but discovered no problems (to a certain degree were I am able to see faults🤔

Back to the lack of sorting functionality for Qobuz in the Naim app. From what appeared on the Auralic forum it seems like it is an omission in the api which is supplied from Qobuz to the hi-fi companies. There’s also a suggestion this was promised at some point to Auralic but has never materialised. @Will (or whoever the best person is to deal with this), is there any chance Naim could look into this and perhaps lobby Qobuz to get this functionality? I do appreciate their software department don’t seem that responsive!

How come it works fine in the three apps I have mentioned earlier in the thread. I doubt they use a different api to anybody else.

Is anyone else having the following error coming up using Qobuz in the (android) Naim app?

It seems to be working fine on Apple but I’ve just used my wife’s iPad to check that, all my devices are android and both phone and tablet are displaying the same error.

For what it’s worth, it will stream via Chromecast on Android, but I do prefer the native Naim implementation.

On a completely separate Qobuz note, I’ve noticed that all Blue Coast recordings have moved to sample only in the last 24hrs, has anyone else noticed this or know anything about it?
Have asked Qobuz but they don’t seem to be particularly quick with responses.

Hi there, we’re seeing it here at Naim too. The development team are taking a look.

On the sample thing, licensing of tracks changes all the time. Annoying but one of the downsides of streaming. Just because you can stream something today doesn’t mean you’ll be able to tomorrow.

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Qobuz appears to be working now via the Naim app on Android


As already noticed by some of you, Qobuz have updated their playlist data; specifically for their ‘Editor Picks’ playlists. Consequently, the Qobuz source in the Naim app should now behave as expected. Apologies for the nuisance.

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So was this a Naim or Qubuz issue?

Qobuz, insomuch as a certain playlist field ( was unexpectedly (probably first time ever) unpopulated on a couple of playlists. They have since populated the field and put in a mechanisms to ensure it is never null.
Additionally, a future release of the Android app will double-check this field is populated - just to be on the safe side!

Thanks for the feedback.

It looks like Naim have just released an app update to add what we are after (and more)! Should be on the App stores very soon :+1:t2:


I’ve had the email from Naim telling me the new app is available in the Google Play Store but when I look there it is still the version from March this year, even after clearing the Play Store cache. Anybody else with the same or have you managed to get the new version yet?

There no updated version for the iPad yet!

Hi there, we rolled out the latest versions of the app (2.17 and 5.17) at 12:00 today (August 11, 2020). We are now dependant on Apple and Google’s propagation schedule.
Sometimes new releases appear instantly, but not always - sadly we cannot influence the process in any way.
Like you, we hope to see the new version in the App store and Play store soon.


Marketing jumped the gun again?