Naim App: Android version and search function with NAS


Just noticed that on my old cracked Lenovo tablet with Android version 4.2.2 and Naim App version 2.3.1 the Naim App search function works perfectly, finding music on my NAS without a problem.

On my newer Samsung tablet it doesn’t, and only searches local music. Which is seriously annoying.

Does anyone know if this is (a) just an Android version issue, and if so at what Android version it starts becoming a problem? (b) a Naim App version issue, and if so what Naim App version it starts becoming a problem? or © a bit of both (a) and (b).

It would be good if I could find an android device that isn’t cracked and load the Naim App onto it, but if either (b) or © apply this would seem to be a bit of a non-starter as I wouldn’t be able to get an old version of the Naim App.

And does anyone know if this isn’t an issue with iPADs? So I could get an iPAD, use the latest Naim App for this and search my NAS music to my hearts content?

All info gratefully received,


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The NAIM app on my android device doesnt search my NAS either. When clicking the search icon, below it says “search: local music” and it fails to search in my UPnP server. I have to manually scroll through my 700-ish albums, cant even jump by letter. App version is 2.16

Instead, I have been using an app called “Hi-Fi Cast” which searches MinimServer UPnP from my NAS with no issues at all. I then chromecast stream the music over to the Qb2.

Just did a bit of searching in the forum and it appears this function has been broken for over a year now:


The “workaround” appears to be to go into your NAS server and into a folder (eg ‘Albums’) and then scroll the screen right to the top and you should see a filter line appear. Type your search into that. Not as useful as a single search box at the top…

One comment was that the ‘local music’ we can see is stuff plugged into the Qb via its own USB port. (which is nothing in my case)

Interesting. I’ve got the app version 2.16, but two Naim products. Yesterday I actually noticed for the first time this Search function when used on the Uniti Star actually listed both Tidal and Local Music results when searching on Tom Petty in my case. I don’t search that often and the Uniti is quite new. Reading this post I just tried the same search on the QB Gen1 while playing something from the Uniti USB storage, and only Tidal results were returned. How odd.

I can’t search my NAS/asset server using the android app with my QBv1.

Luckily most of my streaming is done with an obsolete SB Touch. Not only can I search the Logitec server on the nas for artist, albums and tracks, but I can also browse the folder structure of the music storage on the nas. Impressive for a mass market consumer electronics company. :astonished:

Yes it is a bit annoying that the search will not include the NAS but the filtering on the server view works well. Is this an Android specific limitation ie does the search function on IOS include files from a NAS?

Naim streamers cannot do a ‘global’ search of music on a server on your network. The search function is for Tidal only on the old generation streamers, and for Tidal, Qobuz, music on USB drives, and iRadio stations on the current models. It’s the same on iOS.

Thank goodness for that, I wouldn’t have wanted a reason to buy an Apple device :wink:

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Terrible news. I’ve bought an Apple mini 2nd hand to see if it helps.
But the old lenovo tablet using only the Naim app still finds and searches the NAS for use with an NDS and with a UQ. So it is possible, at least with android 4.2.2.
And setting up an Apple iWhatever seems to demand you tell Apple your entire life and financial history, so rapidly losing the will to live with it… May try getting an ancient, non-cracked android device instead.
I thought Google/Android was bad, but Apple is intolerable.

Yep, I grabbed an iPhone and the search doesnt “work” there either. You can only ‘filter’ on an album name when already in the album folder, etc.

I’m going to again recommend the HiFi cast app for android. I have MinimServer running on my NAS and this app works really nicely with my music library via UPnP. You can run a global search for words in song titles, album titles and artist name etc. You can also “suffle all songs” which is something I do regularly.

the app is free to test, but a small fee needs to be paid to unlock it.

That app looks nice at first glance, I’ll need to explore it a bit more but thanks for the heads-up

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