Search in NAIM app only searching local music

I have just bought a 2nd gen Mu So and am having difficulties searching from within the app on Android. Going into Internet Radio and then searching doesn’t bring up any stations. Even looking up just BBC shows an empty screen.

If I switch to my local UPNP server and search, it tells me it’s searching only local music but still doesn’t find anything.

Any suggestions?

The Naim app search facility is somewhat limited, as there is no global search except for Tidal, or the contents of a locally attached USB drive.
You can use the search bar to search the contents of a list that you have already opened, but that, of course, is pretty useless.

You should ask your dealer for help. It sounds as though it’s not properly set up.

Thanks for the reply Chris. If that’s the case, it is severely limited in that respect. I could have sworn down that I could search the last time I used the app when I had one of the 1st Gen Mu So. As an aside , what does everyone else use for searching?

As I don’t use Tidal and prefer Deezer, my workaround is to use a Bluesound Node 2i that I use as a source for the Mu So. Not ideal but the BlueSound interface is streets ahead of Naim.

I used to use Roon but couldn’t justify the expense.

What the app means by ‘local music’ is music stored on a USB drive attached to its own USB port. This can be used from within the server input, and potentially makes external music stores and servers unnecessary.
I guess if you want to use Deezer, you could just use it via Chromecast. If that works well, maybe you don’t need the Node?
The search is primitive, but at least you can save radio stations as favourites so that you only need to search for them once.

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