Naim App Doesn’t Find My Players

Is anybody else having major issues with the latest update to the Naim app? It often fails to find any rooms but occasionally works OK. This is on my iPhone. However, the app on my iPad, which has not been updated to the latest version, seems to connect fine. I have a MuSo, MuSoQB and SuperUniti all connected via Ethernet. All has worked OK until the last couple of days.

As far as I am aware there was no update of app or firmware in the last couple of days. Did you not have the latest versions already and only updated to them recently? Any other changes in your network?

Hi Peter. Are you on BT Broadband? There is a known BT Smart Hub bug that is affecting connectivity of a range of devices - more on this thread, including a workaround until BT issue a firmware update:

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