Naim app on ipad

Hi, is it just me, or is the Naim app on the iPad completely useless? I’m using it with a Uniticore/NDS. It constantly drops out, loses it place, can’t remember what is was doing e.t.c e.t.c. If you try and swap between applications to do something else whilst listening, every time you go back, the above happens. Am I doing something wrong, any settings that I should turn off/on?

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The Naim app is pretty shonky tbh. On a normal day when I listen to music on more than one system it needs restarting multiple times. I find the server gets lost regularly, internet radio button does nothing. Its like going back 10 years but now its not quite as accepted as a normal thing as so many others get it right!

I wonder how many of the issues people are having with their hardware are actually app related…

The Naim app on the iPad works really well without problems. Maybe it’s your network or WiFi that’s completely useless.


Using with NDS and Asset UPnP on Synology NAS.
Works flawlessly.

Very useful, thank you for your intelligent reply.

Thanks, any ideas what I might be doing wrong in my setup? Good to know that it can work!

Perhaps if you hadn’t opened by slagging off an app that works well for so many, including me, my response would have been different. It works day in day our without problems. A constructive approach rather than going off on one usually works best.

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The Naim app works perfectly (and has for several years) on both iPad and iPhone for me and that’s connecting with three old Uniti streamers, a 272, a muso Qb and a UnitiCore. So all wired except the Qb which uses wifi.

From what you describe it sounds like your network isn’t working properly. Presumably your NDS and Core are connected with ethernet? If you are using ethernet over mains adaptors then there is probably your problem. You also need a good solid wifi signal for the iPad. Without knowing more about your network arrangements, it’s hard to suggest anything in particular to look at.



Sorry, didn’t know you invented it.


Another satisfied App user here. I have far more problems with the Santander App! Seriously, whilst not having any other hifi controlling app to compare with, I find both the Naim App and N-Serve to be pretty rock solid with my UnitiServe and the 3 streamers on my network (Muso(1), Atom and 272). All are hardwired to the network, which has been pretty rock solid for the last 5 years. Can’t think why @matfff should be having such a poor experience.

Most problems blamed on the app have turned out to be a problem with the network/Wi-Fi. If you could tell us more about your network setup, we would be in a better position to offer constructive advice.

BT hub (latest, forget the number). Cat 6 armoured cable to an outbuilding (listening room). Switch and cabling to core and NDS. Also run a WiFi adapter off of the switch. All the broadband tests that I run in the house from the iPad (I know not the ideal way) are as fast in the listening room, average of about 45mb/s down and 12 up, with a 7ms ping. I shall have to dig further, thanks for your thoughtful and useful reply.

Thanks, that’s why I was looking for insight into something that I’ve turned on that I shouldn’t or something that I haven’t turned on that I need to!

Thanks. Your response tells me I need to do more digging! I must be doing something wrong…

Mmmmm, we should compare setups I think. From others replies, looks like we’re both doing something wrong, question is, what?

Works well for me on iPad and Android tablet except that it takes a few seconds to get going after waking up the screen. (The network is plenty fast). Not a problem after getting used to it, in fact I like it a bit as it seems a good fit for classic gear.

On Android I had to do a reset from the Other Settings page after the last app update. With the previous app version, and also after app update and before the reset, it was super unresponsive after the screen wakeup, often for 30 seconds. But this is gone now

I used the BluOS app on the same devices and same network. It was generally a bit more responsive nd woke up immediately, but some parts in the Naim app are nicer. Overall pretty even

Your system is similar to mine in that I have BT SmartHub2 (thats the latest)
It connects via ethernet to a switch & the switch connects NAS & NDX.
My iOS (iPad 9.7) app works well

What do you mean by a WiFi adapter ?

I seems like yours is loosing its rooms / bonjour or has a bad link.
The first thing I would do is turn it all off & reboot it in the correct order, I would do this as a first step every time even if it doesn’t fix it, at least its eliminating this potential problem.
Also delete the app & force a restart (press home & power simultaneously until the Apple logo) this clears out the RAM & any bad links.

After powering down the system, leave the BT Hub off for at least 5 mins so the BT system logs that its off line
Restart the system in the following order
BT Hub - let it fully complete its start process.
LAN switch
Core - let it complete its start process
NDS - a Naim network player should find the network automatically but may need some time or manual help with the front panel buttons.
iPad & fingers crossed to see if it works OK

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Thanks. SPS Energy have been doing a lot of work in the area recently resulting in a bunch of ‘brown outs’ just after the lightening storms we had (in the NW of England). So your suggestion might just be it.

Sorry, it’s a WiFi thingy for the outbuilding. Plugs into the switch and has it’s own wall wart power supply. Gives a separate WiFi login address than the BThub. Not sure what else to call it.

Try removing it to see if it makes any difference. Just to eliminate it as a potential problem.