Naim app - playlist songs missing

I have always found playlists on the Naim app quite fragile (it seems to always lose the first track in a playlist for me).

But, over time it seems to say it cannot find tracks, even those that are on the same album as ones it can still see.

If it navigate to a missing track on the music server directly , it’s there and plays fine.

This is really frustrating as my playlists are being vastly eroded.

I am using Plex as a uPNP, which sources FLACs from a WD NAS. I have ND5 XS2 and MuSo Qb 2 for streaming. Nothing’s changed in the setup.

Anyone seen this or know what the Naim app suddenly doesn’t like? I can’t see anyway to access the playlists to rebuild them etc.

In my experience, playlists created on the Naim app have been prone to corruption from the day the Naim app was released, so I understand your frustration. It used to be possible to restore the app and its playlists by deleting it, then restoring it from an iTunes backup, but Apple have removed this option, and realistically I’m not sure there is a reliable alternative.
In practice I find it better to create and manage playlists on your UPnP server, so that the Naim app sees them in the Server input. This is something that the Naim servers (Unitiserve, Core) are quite good at doing but not all UPnP servers offer this option, or if they do, it can be a bit of a faff., but maybe still worth investigating.

Hi, just a thought; have you changed the file types; converted, for example, flac to wav (either yourself or plex doing this, if it’s capable of it) - I’ve encountered ‘files not found’ when minimserver did it?

That’s a good idea, I’ll see if Plex allows playlists. Thanks!

That’s the thing, nothing’s changed. The files are all FLACs and the Naim app just suddenly doesn’t like them. It seems quite random and isn’t even aligned to albums as some tracks it doesn’t think are there, are on the same album as those it can.

If I knew why it didn’t like them, or what it’s not finding and why, I could look to address it.

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