NAIM App randomly applies repeat and random play

I’m using the NAIM App on android devices and generally only listen to music streamed from a local DLNA UPNP media server. Target device is a MUSO 2.

I’ve noticed recently that when I select an album to play that the random play and/or repeat options will be selected for me. I almost never use these features so it’s a bit frustrating. More annoyingly, the app does not show these options as having been selected until sometime after music is playing so it takes a while to notice.

Anyone else seen this behaviour?



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I have never seen this in the Naim app for IOS.

Happens to me on android sometimes. Random especially. Drives me nuts.

Happens to me on iOS. Randomly switches to random play.

Just happened to me again. Complete fresh start of app ( phone was restarted) and using muso2, shuffle was showing. So the second track played wasnt the real second track.
I would really rather this annoying feature either worked or was removed.

Yep, it is very frustrating and given that I never knowingly use repeat or random I’d also rather it be gone than not work. I suspect that this woukd not be a universally acceptable solution though.

I dont know if it is at all related but sometimes when I use the play option at the album level the display takes quite some time (minutes) to show the full list of queued tracks, clearly there is something going wrong with the normal comms between the app and MUSO.

I was plagued by this at the start but concluded that it was my fat fingers when adjusting the volume. Since then I have not had any occurrence. I reported it to naim and they said they would maybe look into making some changes to the layout/design - as suggested by someone in another thread.

Slim fingers here and don’t use the bottom bar volume. Still get random ‘random’.


Does anyone actually want this annoying feature ?

Moot point. For album play definitely not. But with the trend for playlists then it sometime becomes less annoying to hear in a different order. I don’t know if the app could discriminate between or give options for the type of listening pleasure.

Sort of get it for playlists. The answer to to be able to set this in settings. Fat fingers or just some randomness, i dont know. But i fo know id rather not have it. Not least as i tend to listen to albums.

The vast majority of time I use a 9 1/2" x 6 1/2’ iPad to control my NDX2 and have not experienced any random play issues. The few time I have used my iPhone (when iPad is charging) I have mistakenly have touched the random or repeat icon. Annoying since I never use random play and rarely have used the replay function. I can see how it can easily occur. I have not ever thought it was a software or app error.

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Using an iPad Pro 3gen a number of times during the day, with a couple of different streamers, I have no issue based on the thread title. Shuffle selected from time to time. I don’t use repeat and I have not seen it come on. I also use iPhs occasionally.

For those experiencing the issue, may be worth trying the following. First check Naim app doesn’t have either function selected, then close all apps and switch off the control point. Then throughly clean the screen using a suitable liquid and cloth. Restart the control point and then just the Naim app and see if the issue recurs.
A further consideration, if the control point has a screen projector, these vary in quality; try removing (or replacing) and see if the issue recurs. While my iPhs have a protector, iPad does not.
Finally try only using a touch screen pointer with the control point; might avoid any nudge effect.

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Yes, but it does seem device specific.
I have an Samsung Galaxy Android tablet and it has never happened to me.
My wife has a Huawei tablet, also Android and random play or repeat is often selected after she has been using the app. She says she didn’t explicity set the features on.

Interesting, you suggest “after using the app” so it is always unset before using the app?
Perhaps an idea of what is being selected, one of the streaming services, usb inout or local server would be useful? Has it ever happened to you, using the Huawei tablet?

I would be very disappointed to see it removed. While I also don’t usually use it for albums, I do use it for one of the streaming services curated playlists.

Is the issue more prevalent on Android devices; iirc don’t think anyone with iOS devices is experiencing the issue?

I am the main user, so only tend to notice when I start listening to music.
99% of usage is local streaming from Asset UPnP on a NAS.
I haven’t used the Huawei tablet, I am certainly not ruling out “finger trouble”, but strange that it is never happened to me on my tablet.

my ND5XS is currently on a trip to Salisbury for a new display, so can’t currently do any testing to confirm.

I use an old iPhone XR. The random and replay selectors are close to the volume slider. It is also hard to see the difference between selected on and off. I suggested that the icons are relocated and perhaps colour coded. Either way I have learned to live with it.

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