Qobuz albums sometimes start with random play and/or repeat on in Naim app

I wonder if other people using Qobuz in the Naim app have encountered this problem.
That irregularly some albums start with random play and/or repeat on in Naim app
It seems to happen more often when I just added an album to favorites, but it can happen with any album even when added a long time ago…
I asked support, but they have not heard this problem from other users.
Random paly and or repeat

I have it too and I know some others here reported similar.

Borrowed an ndx from my dealer and had the same issue thought I was going mad!

Ah, I’ve had this happen recently on my ND555. Thought I was doing it accidentally myself.


Regularly. I emailed Naim support several months ago and they replied to say they’d look into it. I’ve never heard back.

I have asked hem many times, but they could not replicate the issue and therefore could not do anything for me. But based on the link to this community topic, which proves that I am not the only one, support now wrote me for the first time that they will try to get it fixed:

I will raise this with the software team, and see if they have had any other reports of this issue
regarding Qobuz and shuffle.

Based on what you write they should have other reports.
Lets hope that it is now raised high enough on the bugs list

I can’t find the previous reports, but it’s definitely not new. Initially I thought it might be me, or my wife who’d listened to a playlist with the shuffle mode engaged, so when I started listening shuffle was still engaged. But it’s been long enough now, with various tests to prove that neither of those is the cause. It is intermittent though, so I’m still trying to understand what might trigger this. If I can replicate this, I’ll report back.

If they can’t replicate it themselves I will suggest to make the software available through the Testflight app for me. So they can see what happens.

I have the same problem! Very annoying too. Hopefully there will be a fix soon

I had it once on Nova and assumed I’d accidentally hit shuffle play which I’d never ordinarily use.

Chances are I did activate shuffle play accidentally but hard to prove one way or another.

Maybe an option to disable shuffle/repeat play in settings if they can’t get to the bottom of it?

It’s happening to me all the time also. It’s really annoying and hopefully will be sorted out soon. Does this only happen with Qobuz?

I don’t know for sure if it is only happening with Qobuz, because I use 90% Qobuz, 8% radio and 2% ripped cds.

I have use Qobuz for a few years now and never had any album start with random play!

Possibly user error when using app, especially with small screen, iPhone, iPad or other small device. My fingers have been known to choose the incorrect Icon every now and then…

Far too many people experiencing the issue for it to be user error.

…perhaps, then maybe folks should list what devices they are using to see if there is any common ground. I have been using my iPhone and iPad to control the Qobuz product using the Naim software since the time it was introduced to the USA a few years ago and have had no problems. So what are others using to control Qobuz?

Dear Saekayaker, I am using exactly the same, iPhone and iPad, always with the last version of the software and firmware on my NDX2. I have shared all the relevant information with Naim. The fact that not all users experience this problem shows why it is not easy to solve for the software department. But the fact that so many people experience it does make it a real problem. I will offer to test the app software using the Testflight app if they can’t solve it.

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I have an ND555 controlled by my iPhone. Nearly all albums, either streamed from Qobuz or ripped onto my NAS drive, are experiencing this problem. I believe this has only been happening recently. I have shared the with Naim.

I have solved my problem.

In the app if I tap on the track that is playing it takes me to a different screen; I can change the volume etc. However I noted a button on the bottom left which I now realise is to shuffle the tracks. My phone screen is small and it is hard to see when shuffle is on of off. I think I touched this button by mistake and turned shuffle on. I’ve now turned it off and all now good.

CMP. It does solve the issue temporarily. But, unfortunately, for me it comes back at random

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Me too, very occasionally.