Naim app slow to find streamer? This might be useful information

…this may have been raised previously but I though it worth adding my experience just in case it helps others.

Have been frustrated at lag between launching the Naim iOS app and it actually finding the streamer, particularly since the Roon app finds the Roon server immediately with no lag.

This annoying niggle has persisted with various iterations of Naim kit and despite a house-move with entirely different router / network infrastructure.

Anyhow, current router / WiFi system is Synology MR2200ac mesh system which works well and has lots of settings to fine-tune. Their support is good too and it was an engineer at Synology HQ in Taiwan who suggested turning off ‘IGMP snooping’ and ‘multicast translation’ on the router. The Naim app is now much more reliable and responsive.


Appreciate the post. Owning an NDX, I experience exactly what you’re describing here on and off. I have a Google router with Nest satellite system on three different floors; and although it doesn’t appear to have any type of IGMP snooping setting, my understanding is that ‘multicast translation’ is the same as UPnP? Not certain why that would affect anything in this regard, but will test it regardless. Cheers and thanks.

Let us know how you get on.

IGMP is usually used to send IP-TV streaming data to homes - and the function in the router would allow it to be streamed to different devices at home in parallel, especially to WiFi devices.
I.e. IP Network as replacement for e.g. cable TV.

(This should not affect „streaming from internet sources“ like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Tidal, … - they use a direct point-to-point stream per device anyway.)

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Thanks for that.

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