Naim App - Tidal - How to play or shuffle my favorite tracks?

In Tidal you can keep favorite Artists, Albums and Tracks.
In the Tidal App, on My Collection, you can play or shffle your favorite tracks.

It seems that in the Naim App, you can not. Only one track at a time.
What the use of a long favorite tracks if you can’t play them as a playlist?

Once you hit play you can see shuffle option in bottom left within Naim app and with Tidal selected.

Within Naim app same Tidal playlists, favourite songs or albums should be available.

So you can play your favourite songs by making a playlist or adding them to tracks within your collection.


I don’t want to make a playlist. I want to shuffle my favorites and it’s not working.
If i’ll choose one track and use the shuffle sign, I will still have a one track list.

In the Tidal app, you can play any favorite track and it will play another one from the favorites.

In the Naim App the one track will play and stop at the end even if I chose shuffle:

How can we create a playlist from all my favorite tracks. Adding them one by one?
I couldn’t find a way.
There is no “select all”. There are no options at all. All you can do is to choose a track, playing it or adding to a playlist.
In the Naim App the favorite collection seems useless.
You can’t even search your own Tidal favorite tracks collection.

Yes, I agree. It looks like a flaw in the app, compared to tidal.

Yes agree an option in the naim app to shuffle a playlist as per tidal would be nice. Otherwise you always start from the same track. Nothing major just a minor niggle.

Forgive me if this is not helpful, but Roon gives a lot more flexibility and control. I use it with an iMac which is brilliant, not sure how good it would be with an iPhone or iPad.

Best, Tony

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