Naim app / Tidal issues

Hello all!

Is anyone else experiencing problems streaming Tidal in the Naim App? I’m using IOS devices - an iPad and iPhone - and each time I open the Naim app I need to log back in to Tidal, and then it fails to play (Tidal Login Error - could not log-in: client not found). No problem playing radio stations through the app, but that’s it.

Its happening across both devices and I’ve deleted and reinstalled Tidal on the iPhone - still no joy. The Tidal app works fine across Airplay; I’ve also logged back in to that without problem.

I seem to remember this being a problem back in March, but couldn’t find the thread…

Just wanted to know if this was unique to me or if others were experiencing the same thing…

Just opened a topic as well, seem we all have an issue, hope it get’s fixed soon… got this error message…

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Yes, that’s the same message I get… Hope so!

Same here.

I’ve messaged Naim and asked if there a known issue here.

Same here

Thanks Richard

Just informed that Naim are on the case.

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Thanks Richard. We have been made aware of the issue and are currently investigating the problem. Tidal is working for Android, this issue is on iOS devices when selecting a track to play.

Same problem here

same here tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy

Same problem here…

the same problem here

got the same problem when using a IPhone to control my Naim UnitiQute 2

Same problem for me, on iPad and iPhone. Problems started today when I updated my Uniti Nova firmware to 3.2.0 (4222)…

Same Problem, NDS, Unitiqute 24/192 + IPhone, IPad

Same here - it started this morning
Update of the NAIM Firmware did not help but it was not the problem.
The Tidal app on iPhone and iPad works fine.
Looks like an issue in the communication between naim and tidal.

Same here with my NAC 272.
I have firmware 3.6.00 and wanted to update to 3.7.00 hoping this will solve the problem.
Hopefully its solved quickly and I can listen to the new Prince album.

Same here. Bad timing on the first day I setup my brand new Uniti and bought a Tidal subscription!

Me too!
Hopefully someone will let us know when it’s sorted. I thought it was an issue with my new Muso, but the NDS has the same problem.